halloween 2017

Jukebox Heroes: DC Universe Online

This is my frustrated face when it comes to superhero MMO soundtracks. I don't know what it is, but it seems that none of...
things are going great

WildStar is probably not sunsetting until at least the end of the year

When NCsoft announced it was closing Carbine and sunsetting WildStar, it didn't include one key detail: when that sunset will occur. In fact, it...

Perfect Ten: My favorite WildStar memories

As I grow older, I start to worry about the loss of memories that are precious to me. I already joke that I'm pretty...
Ultima Online

Ultima Online’s 101st update is rolling out as player-made castles are ported into the game

Ultima Online's publish 101 has begun rolling out to the first-wave production servers today, meaning the update will trickle out to the rest of...

Ultima Online’s 21st anniversary patch introduces astronomy to Britannia

Ultima Online's 21st birthday is creeping up on us here, which means the game is older than some of our readers and will soon...

Old School RuneScape’s mobile version launches October 30

Just in time for Halloween, Old School RuneScape will be formally launching for mobile. Jagex announced this morning that OSRS will land on both...

TERA’s 2018 console roadmap includes new classes, new endgame dungeons, and plenty of balancing and events

If you're still reeling from yesterday's revelation that TERA is merging its console servers from 22 down to seven, then you can cheer yourself...

Chaos Theory: A year in the life of Secret World Legends

We've talked all about Secret World Legends' first anniversary party, but now it's time to talk about the game's first year. Fans can easily recall...

Amazon posts and retracts a July 2018 release date for Fallout 76

This past week's announcement of Fallout 76 -- Bethesda's newest entry in the post-apocalyptic series -- has just about everyone in the gaming community...
Not this.

Ultima Online preps a bug push, gives a voice to town cryers

Bugs, you better live it up, because your days are numbered. Ultima Online is preparing a big bug push (squash?) with June's Publish 100....

Hearthstone enters the Witchwood on April 12

Is it Halloween already? In Hearthstone, it might as well be, as Blizzard is about to unleash the game's creepiest expansion to date in...

Wild Terra runs a free weekend, discount, and Fools’ Day event

Looking to throw caution to the wind and get a little wild this April Fool's Day? Wild Terra is opening up its European-based server...

Grand Theft Auto Online just hit peak monthly concurrency – and it’s five years old

There aren't many online games that can honestly say they're still growing and setting records years and years after their launch, but that's exactly...

Exclusive: Ship of Heroes’ Casey McGeever on the superhero MMORPG genre

Ship of Heroes is super-jumping right into 2018 with two documents of note. The first is a retrospective of what the Heroic Games team...

LOTRO Legendarium: Looking back at the road we traveled in 2017

"The road goes ever on" is one of the most well-known phrases from Lord of the Rings, alluding to the ongoing journey of the...

Massively OP’s Weirdest MMORPG Stories of 2017: Horse butt

Today we're kicking off a countdown of Massively OP's weirdest MMORPG stories of 2017! Coming in at #5 on our list is... World of Warcraft finally...

The ultimate guide to The Game Archaeologist’s MMO archives

When we moved over here to Massively Overpowered, some of us transplanted our long-running columns to the new space. I perhaps felt most devastated...
I liked it.

On the tenth day of Christmas, Warframe gave me ghastly ghouls and personal quarters

Is this Christmas or Halloween? One can never quite tell with Warframe, which activated its holiday update yesterday with a bounty on ghoul packs. These...

Secret World Legends patches in winter event, barbershop, and plastic surgeon

Even with Tokyo completely reinstated into Secret World Legends, this reboot is still finding more content to add back in after starting over from...

Shadow’s Kiss devs interview vampires as their Kickstarter nears finish line

Even though it's looking more like Christmas than Halloween around these parts, Shadow's Kiss is taking its Kickstarter all the way to the bank....