Massively OP’s Weirdest MMORPG Stories of 2017: Horse butt


Today we’re kicking off a countdown of Massively OP’s weirdest MMORPG stories of 2017!

Coming in at #5 on our list is…

World of Warcraft finally lets you be a horse’s butt this Hallow’s End

When Justin turned this article into me, I laughed at the title, waiting for the pun or metaphor, but no. Team Blizzard literally put a two-piece horse costume into WoW for Halloween. Someone gets to put “I designed the WoW horse butt” on his or her resume for all eternity. I’m dying here.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another entry in the countdown, and don’t forget to check out our annual MMORPG awards and our blooper awards while you’re at it!


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I could not get my horse butt (something i never thought i’ll say ever in my life!) computer problems then network problems, hopefully next year i can be a horse butt :-D


I’ve got the front end, so…

Top Butt.jpg