TERA’s 2018 console roadmap includes new classes, new endgame dungeons, and plenty of balancing and events

If you’re still reeling from yesterday’s revelation that TERA is merging its console servers from 22 down to seven, then you can cheer yourself right up with a peek at the game’s 2018 content roadmap. En Masse was delivering the bad news first, apparently!

In August, players can expect the Gridiron PvP battleground, plus two in-game events; then in September comes the Ninja and guild improvements. October is for Halloween festivities, naturally, and November is the big one, with a “major build update containing two new dungeons, new end-game gear, class balancing, and more.” December is no slouch, either; it’ll run a winter holiday and a new endgame dungeon, and then January will have yet another endgame dungeon and the Valkyrie class.

In other words, the playerbase might have condensed a bit since launch, but En Masse has gobs of content in store saved up for console players all the same.


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I played this on the PS4 a few weeks ago just to check out the console version and the performance in towns was really awful. Getting pauses for multiple seconds each time you have to load in characters make the main city an absolute chore. God forbid you turn around and have to load in a whole other set of characters from that 180 behind you.

The combat actually works really well with controller, though. The action combat really shines when you’re using a controller more than it did for me on PC. I found myself grinding mobs just because I could and it was fun, so that’s certainly something. If they fixed the performance, I’d be more willing to put time into it.

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Jack Pipsam

More games could do with Ninja’s.