TERA decides on mass console server merges for August

The console boom for TERA looks like it is over. After cruising to an impressive two million players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this spring following the MMO’s console debut in April, TERA has announced that the population has settled down to the point where server merges need to happen on both platforms.

En Masse said that it’s taking 22 servers down to seven following the August 21st operation. This will leave the PS4 with two NA and two EU servers and the Xbox One with two NA and one EU shard. The bad news with this is that some names might be lost and characters forced out if there ends up being more than 16 per account per server. The good news here is that with all of the character merges and whatnot, En Masse is giving every account five additional character slots.

PC players won’t be unaffected either, as En Masse said that server merges are planned for the computer version later this year.

Source: TERA

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