Secret World Legends patches in winter event, barbershop, and plastic surgeon

Even with Tokyo completely reinstated into Secret World Legends, this reboot is still finding more content to add back in after starting over from its The Secret World roots. Will today’s patch, which adds back in the cosmetic barbershop and plastic surgeon, be the last of the “old vanguard” before it’s all new? Probably not; there are plenty of Halloween quests that are waiting for a return.

In addition to the cosmetic tools, Update 2.1.5 starts this year’s winter event, starring all sorts of special critters to attack, world raids, Christmas cosmetics, seasonal achievements, a new winter lockbox, and a free pet to players who log in by January 2nd.

The patch also adds the option to change your name (for a price), fixes several issues, and tosses in new animations for when players unlock emotes and titles.

Source: Patch notes
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Also in this update,
Nerfed the Kaidan container rewards by approximately half (half your keys fizzle). It was the one activity lower players could do to bridge gap to endgame, as well as one of the few solo activities worth doing.
At the same time, increased lootbox rewards for high players to incentivize whales to keep spending money. Before this patch when reaching endgame lootboxes didn’t scale so it was grind or nothing.
“Increased the amount of distillate XP gained when opening Purified Distillate Reward Bags gained from caches. The amount gained increases based on your highest achieved Item Power. The goal is to make the amount of distillate XP more relevant as the amount of XP required to level up items increases.”

The official SWL reddit is now full of butthurt threads, I’m grabbing my popcorn. Season of giving, hohoho, here’s coal for you from Funcom, playerbase.

Jeffery Witman

Good that they’re still working on things, but another copy/paste seasonal event isn’t enough to even get me to log in again once, let alone every day for a couple weeks.

Malcolm Swoboda

A few points for people:

-the seasonal login rewards are FINALLY per character. I have them now on my Illuminati and Templar characters and I will make a Dragon today to start it on him/her
-the event is basically login rewards, new snowball fights, legend collection, krampus killing, both public agartha and private dungeon versions of hel boss, caches, and single purchasable things
-it will last 3 weeks, where most content can easily be done within 1 week, main login rewards ends at 2 weeks of logins, but you may need the 3 weeks if you’re either trying to collect everything or you’re busy during the holidays
-event is relatively barebones, like the Samhain earlier, with intent to bring more, faster, next year
-barber and surgeon take Marks of Favor! That’s the best while most realistic result to me. Barber takes less (1ks+) Marks but surgeon takes more. But I think Funcom is starting to sell facial cosmetics and that means things sold for Aurum and maybe in later caches (thus Aurum/Marks).
-the ‘old vanguard’ is not done. While the priority now is new content early 2018, they still have to deal with: maybe more Tokyo if there’s holes they want to finally patch, the rest of Elite dungeons, the Tokyo dungeons, PvP, the previously-auxiliary-weapons missions, and catching up the seasonal events. Ideally, this will be all done by end of next year, save for maybe the seasonal stuff.
-upcoming known content is still the Dark Agartha, Agents System, Season 2. DA sounds like something new endgame, AS sounds like another login incentive beyond the dailies/weeklies/logins, and S2 sounds like bonafide Secret World scenes, missions, zone(s), though likely to be VERY paced out over 2018+.

Kickstarter Donor

barber and surgeon take Marks of Favor!

Thank goodness, I was worried about this. My character desperately needs a haircut and I was worried I’d have to blow some of my stockpiled Aurum I’m saving for other stuff.

-event is relatively barebones, like the Samhain earlier, with intent to bring more, faster, next year

Disappointing, but kinda figured they’d continue on with the underwhelming events, at least for this year. Hoping they can build those out next year.

Malcolm Swoboda

Unlike Cat God, this time Hel does have higher difficulty version in SWL, I think. Not sure.


Allot of peeps i the Cabal going to be pleased with this update.

Toy Clown

Really good update! I’ve been waiting for the surgeon to return and can’t wait to do the holiday content.