Lord of the Rings Online’s big raid patch arrives sans raid

Well, this is an awkward situation for all involved. Lord of the Rings Online released Update 21.3 on Monday, which was supposed to patch in Mordor’s big Abyss of Mordath raid. Except that the team found issues with the raid, disabled it for the time being, but went ahead with publishing the update anyway.

Without the crown jewel of the update (which will be presumably activated in the near future), players have been left with a bargain bin assortment of changes, fixes, and tweaks. These include moving the Beorning starting area, a reduction in the aggro area of pets, a cap on Mordor’s Ashes of Gorgoroth currency, adjustments to monster player stats, lower flying indoor kites… as we said, it’s just a random assortment of odds and ends.

It should be noted that the upcoming Yule Festival has some new content: “Mara Sandydowns has a new quest, A Fortune of Festive Spirit, for those who enjoy many days of Yule Festival activities.”

Source: Patch notes
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