Y'all looking at me?

Wild West Online discusses splitting the difference between scale and player participation

How many players makes an MMO? It seems like a straightforward question, but it's a rather complex one, and one that Wild West Online...
A trial.

Final Fantasy XIV posts the dates for its upcoming data center move

If you're playing on the North American data centers for Final Fantasy XIV, you've been given ample warning that the centers are moving. That's...
This is fine.

Chronicles of Elyria clarifies server and domain selection process moving forward

The staff behind Chronicles of Elyria has been on a whirlwind tour of events, and you can read all about it in the most...

Conan Exiles is bringing up new European servers, already looms over PAX East

Funcom announced today that it's found a partner to host its Conan Exiles servers in Europe: G-Portal. "This week the remaining European servers for Conan...

Conan Exiles is bringing official servers back online, releases dev kit for modders

Conan Exile's struggle to stay on top of the high demand for the survival sandbox and its troubles with shards continues, as Funcom announced...
It's official, I can't tell the difference between this and TERA now.

ArcheAge offers compensation to players for server outages

Who here likes server issues? Sure, they kind of suck while they're happening and prevent you from being able to play the game you...
Same as it ever was.

Crowfall shows off its unique server maps

In most MMOs, it doesn't matter what server you play on, the world still has the same shape. You don't log in to a...
Not playing the game is a lot like playing the game in the right light.

Trion offers compensation to ArcheAge and Rift players for server outages

Good news for players of ArcheAge and RIFT: You're getting some free stuff as an apology for the unstable servers that both games have...
Maybe I can hammer it into working well?

RIFT compensates players for server instability

Fans of RIFT have a new expansion to play, but that requires the game's servers to be cooperating in order to actually play it....
It's lonely out in space.

Trion addresses downtime with the ArcheAge community

No one likes network issues. Trion acknowledged a slew of network issues hitting ArcheAge over the past few days in a forum post, noting...
Why must you disappoint hopes?

Wisdom of Nym: The biggest roleplaying server of Final Fantasy XIV

Balmung, if you are a Final Fantasy XIV, is the mysterious land of milk and honey. Or it's home. Heaven help you if you're...
What am I today.

Firefall’s status remains in limbo

Even if you don't play Firefall, you know that last week was a bit weird for the game when the game itself and its...

Aura Kingdom is deleting inactive characters pursuant to US server move

Aura Kingdom players, heads-up: If you don't use your characters, you're going to lose them. Aeria told players earlier this month that it planned to...
Holiday road.

Dual Universe explains its server technology in a new video

There will be only one shard for Dual Universe players when the game finally launches, and it's going to be big. Heck, it's going...
Oh. All right.

Wild Terra adds a new Russian-specific server

The latest patch for Wild Terra is live, and it brings along with it a Russian server for players to explore. The bad news...

Crowfall explores the joys of server latency and ability use

Does half a second sound like a long time to you? Of course it doesn't. A second doesn't sound like a long time to...

Fragmented’s next patch introduces Engagements and server registering

How do you feel about fighting wave after wave of enemies until either they're all dead or you are? If your feelings on this...
Enjoy the joy of the CARGO HOLD expansion

The Daily Grind: Do you prefer smaller or larger servers?

I have joked, not entirely without seriousness, that part of what I like about being on an underpopulated server in Final Fantasy XI is...
Yes, this is harder than having a fortress.

H1Z1: Just Survive outlines upcoming experimental servers and improvements

Your goal in H1Z1: Just Survive is stated right there in the title, but survival is pretty easy when you have a well-fortified base...
When you're out in the club and you see a fly girl, do the creep!

Blizzard responds to vanilla WoW server requests, considers ‘pristine realms’

The shutdown of the Nostalrius private server happened some time ago, but the debate it started hasn't stopped, and today the World of Warcraft...