Ghost in the Shell Online services to close in Japan

Awesome. Very impressive. Great use of IP.

The bright side of the news that Ghost in the Shell Online will be shutting down service in Japan is that this is not, technically, the game shutting down in its country of origin. But it’s still something of a blow, considering that the IP it’s based on is extremely Japanese and it was expected to be rather successful in the country. Not so, it appears; no reason is cited for the servers shutting down, but the most likely explanation is lack of players.

The game will close on November 29th after just about a year of operation in the country. No statements have been made about the future of the title on Western shores, to you can feel free to extrapolate your own hopes or fears based upon the announcement.

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Khalith .

I played around with this game for a bit and I actually didn’t think it was bad, just pedestrian. The shooting/controls are fine, the gun modding system is kind of fun, the shots definitely have a sense of impact, and each character has a unique special attack to make it a bit more interesting with some tactical choice (wait to use it right away or wait so you can share buffs with your whole team).

But besides the GitS skin there isn’t really that much to say, it’s just another generic competitive FPS game that lacks most of the uniqueness of the IP itself. Now I think the game had potential for multiplayer, maybe adding some co-op PVE, add the option to create a custom operative, or pick if you wanted to be an operative or a cyber enhanced soldier enemy. I think the cyberpunk genre in general is sorely lacking as a whole for games and hoped that this might make a difference.

But ultimately it just boils down to people shooting other people with assault rifles/pistols/SMG’s/Shotguns/knives and the occasional special ability to liven it up here and there of which you can find hundreds of if not thousands of all over the place with better weapons and graphics. Now if they had say gone for a co-op cyberpunk PVE FPS game with an emphasis on tweaking and customizing your character with all sorts of sci-fi parts? We could have had a Deus Ex style multiplayer PVE game which (in my opinion) would have been amazing.


There was a time they promised us that their shoddy early MOBA release was just the beginning and that the game would contain all sorts of co-op and PvE content later. As far as I could tell that never happened. Though I haven’t been there extremely recently to see if anything remotely like what they promised finally did materialize, it wasn’t happening while I was still following the game.

It just wasn’t very good. They were hoping to piggyback on the IP without a solid game behind it. I really wouldn’t count on it lasting too long in the West either. I’m pretty surprised it’s still going actually.


It’s a shooter with a GotS skin running piggy back on the heals of a failed (by fan standards) movie adaptation of the same name. Neither were very good, but the game is especially a dull addition.

Ghost in the Shell was at peak best as The Stand Alone Complex under the Laughing Man investigation. The reason was because of the drama, espionage, communication, and story telling that the series did. Sure enough it had action, but that made up less than a 1/3rd of what the actual series was about.

Take for example the autonomous tanks eventual development of a self -or the manifestation of a ghost where no human presence originated- and the morality behind wiping their memory to a factory default. That is something that would be hard to interpret into an interactive video game, but it is one of the core essentials to what the GotS universe was about.

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Just another instance of dev’s trying to get strong IP to carry a crapfest game.


No surprise, pretty bad game.

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Tobasco da Gama

Yeah, basically. I tried out the open beta, and it was just shoddy. There were literally Half-Life 2 mods (e.g. Neotokyo, Dystopia) with the same theme but more polish.