Destiny 2 is fixing a lot of bugs for its PC beta

all better!
The down side for players looking forward to Destiny 2 on the PC is that they have to wait a little longer for pretty much everything. The good news? Sometimes that wait means things like getting a beta less full of bugs. Bungie is fixing several bugs from the console beta including the infinite supers glitch, the infinite grenade glitch, and the Warlock glide glitch (which the designers enjoyed, but was ultimately a glitch and thus needed to be fixed).

The PC beta will also feature faster charging for supers across the board, more damaging grenades, more power ammo drops, and an issue with Warlock melee having more range than that of other classes. So it’ll be a more balanced experience when PC players get to jump in, proof that good things do indeed come for those who wait.


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This one is a hard pass from me unless they somehow manage to entrap all the people I know into playing it. I am constantly a victim of peer pressure :(

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Curious, why is it a hard pass for you? It looks interesting is why I ask, though I can’t handle First Person Play if that’s the mechanics limitations.


It’s the console limited content fuckery. They basically took a sum of money from Sony to hold off content from XBox and PC for an unannounced period of time. Financially supporting them in turn financially supports these kinds of poor decisions in the future as well.


As long as they make the PC port polished and less bugs, I’m all for waiting for just a month. If it was like 6+ months then yea I would be miffed. If you looked in the link to their page, they fixed a lot of bugs that were found in the console beta and applied it to PC


That all just comes back to that old adage that once we’ve established what we are now we’re just negotiating.

If you accept exclusivity deals like that, whether they’re a 1 day exclusive, a 1 week exclusive, a 1 month exclusive or a 1 year exclusive the principle of the matter doesn’t change. They’re going to push the limits of what you find acceptable right into uncomfortable territory so they can min-max their profit. I mean that’s literally their job.

I have no illusions here. I’m just one dude. I’m unlikely going to change anything. I’m not protesting for world hunger. I just don’t really feel like being a hypocrite for verbally criticizing these practices while simultaneously financially supporting them.

Danny Smith

Honestly the changes had to be made. The story is incomprehensible to pc users and the console beta reaction was a lot of repeating comments of ‘boring’ and ‘balanced for pvp’ which along with some out there tie in marketing has lead to a very malaise-y reaction to D2 right now and the contracts Bungie has with Activision means they need a big hit with this.

Trouble is the first left so many who played it wary and in a ‘fool me once’ stance and right now the beta has done nothing to lure in potential new players.


Yeah the whole balanced around PVP thing is really putting me off on the game. Think im going to wait out the PC beta and see what people have to say coming back from that.