Four Winds: MassivelyOP’s guide to getting started in Swords of Legends Online

It's a strange trend whenever new MMOs launch that there's a deluge of tutorial videos on a bunch of topics but a shortage of...

Four Winds: Everything you need to know about Amazon’s Lost Ark

Raise your hands if you've been eagerly waiting for Lost Ark. Now give me a high five because as announced earlier today, it's finally...

Four Winds: Exploring Swords of Legends Online’s mindblowing world

Have you ever played a game knowing exactly what you're going to get, only for it to impress you because it did exactly that...

Four Winds: Final thoughts on Elyon’s first closed beta test

Elyon's closed beta test came and went, and boy am I happy with what I played. It was unfortunate that the test fell on...

First impressions of Elyon’s western closed beta: Day one and a dungeon run

I can't believe I'm actually playing Elyon on local servers. People have been excited for this game since it was called Ascent: Infinite Realm, and just...

Four Winds: Why are Asian MMOs monetized the way they are?

Welcome to Four Winds, Massively OP's newest column, dedicated to Asian MMOs and the culture around it. As the resident Black Desert columnist, I'm...
Everyone remembers where we parked, right?

The Daily Grind: What would (or did) convince you to try an imported free-to-play MMO?

There's an interesting cycle with a lot of free-to-play imports which I dubbed "temports" many moons ago. Players stay away because they're sure that...
Awesome. Very impressive. Great use of IP.

Ghost in the Shell Online services to close in Japan

The bright side of the news that Ghost in the Shell Online will be shutting down service in Japan is that this is not,...
Well all right, then.

Check out Legend of the Ancient Sword gameplay in action

If you enjoy keeping your eyes on Chinese MMOs that may make their way stateside, you'll want to keep your eyes on Legend of...

Here’s how you can transfer your Secret World account perks to Legends

Starting Friday, June 23rd, Secret World Legends' headstart goes live for any veteran TSW players as well as those who have signed up for...
If at first you don't succeed, that means nothing now.

Echo of Soul is heading to China (again)

Good news, Echo of Soul fans in China: The game is coming back. (It's not coming back in North America, it never left. It's...
Yeah, we're boned.

Nexon is heavily affected by China’s new game import laws

Getting non-Chinese games into the Chinese market is a lengthy and challenging ordeal as it is, but the latest set of Chinese restrictions for...
Never mind, I'm not real!

The Daily Grind: Is management the big problem with non-Western MMOs?

There's a certain culture that's grown up around imported MMOs more or less since they started appearing on our shores, the idea that they're...
Let's assume the dude on the righ represents ''the west'' here.

Rumor: Moonlight Blade is heading for the west

Remember Moonlight Blade? It's all right if you don't, we won't judge you. After all, the game isn't out over here and has no...
A dragon's dog, Ma.

Dragon’s Dogma Online may be headed to the West eventually

At this point, there are no announced plans to bring Dragon's Dogma Online to Western audiences, something that no doubt makes aforementioned Western audiences...
Day, night, whatever.

Analyst: China should port MMOs westward (carefully!) as mobile competition stiffens

China is the biggest game market in the world. So why the heck do so many games exported from there to here seem to flop? That's the...

Kalonline delivers a hardcore Asian MMO with lowcore requirements

Move over summer plans, for Kalonline has arrived! OK, maybe we're getting a little carried away here, but we thought you might want to know...
Yeah, it's never happening.

The Daily Grind: Do long localization delays make you less likely to play an MMO?

Having written about it recently, I found myself thinking that it might not even matter if Phantasy Star Online 2 even comes out in...
Stunning absolutely no one who's been following along, it's like people don't want MMOs to be jobs any longer.

Black Desert adjusts for ‘casual lite’ Korean market

Every game changes during testing, but Black Desert seems to have changed even more significantly compared to its original vision from the fan standpoint. One...
Well, I mean... all right.

Ghost in the Shell Online shows off game modes and characters

The first beta test for Ghost in the Shell Online is just around the corner, and it's going to feature a lot of shooting....