ArcheAge merges fresh start and legacy auction houses

ArcheAge merges fresh start and legacy auction houses
The economy for ArcheAge servers is getting a little more unified. During the game’s next weekly maintenance window, the auction houses for the game’s fresh start and legacy servers will be getting merged into one overall server. Legacy auctions are going to remain unaffected, but fresh start server auctions will be expired automatically, meaning that players on the fresh servers will have to adjust to the existing standards across the larger server community.

If no bids have been placed on an item on a fresh start auction house, the full posting price and the item will be returned to the player; otherwise, the highest bidder will receive the item. It’s another step toward bringing the fresh start servers in line with the rest of the game, although whether or not that’s a good thing probably depends on whether or not you have something up for auction that’s about to become more valuable or less so in the near future.

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I was at the 3 starts of Archeage.

And each start was pretty awesome, but each time bar the first one the economy prices went skyrocketing due to people with creditcards and 10 accounts to tractor their goods on daily base.

There was no way to compete if you dint swipe or controlled many accounts to maximise your gold income.

For a pvp game that offers such a massive scale of pvp on both the oceans and on land it ment that the 2 fresh start servers never had a chanse to produce equal chanses.

Whales and no lifers joined the top guilds, who in turn controlled all world bosses, who then earned even more gold, and at theat point it was game over with any competition the game should have had.

I wasin FUtilez – Core – Harmony with all 3 starts, all hardcore guilds and admit it was the most fun mmo i ever played up untill the gear progression for normal players became mission imposible.

I never swiped, i never run 10 accounts and so i quited every time i saw these guilds transformed from healthy hardcore guilds to unbeateble powerhouses where competition disapeared or my friends left as pay to win reached its prime.

Realy sad….as this mmo deserved a subscription server with zero pay to win cancer from the get go.
But Trino……Scot Hartsman…..the greed was to delicious.

Toy Clown

What’s really weird is after all of these server merges and a large portion of the veteran player base finally leaving ArcheAge for good, people are making several posts a day asking for another fresh start server. It boggles my mind.

The posts appear to be made by people not even playing the game, but want to come back to a fresh start – which of course they’ll get bored and moved off again after a few months, leaving the servers dead, then another merge… it’s a cycle I don’t understand that Trion is allowing to happen.

Maybe they should look into special ruleset servers instead. Like sub only, no cash shop, or anything goes PvP with no safe areas, PvE only, etc.


The only way I would come back to this game is a sub only server with only cosmetic items in the cash shop.

Robert Mann

Not anything that affects me, but I wonder if people who went fresh start did so partially because of economics in game and if so whether this will be an upsetting blow to that?

Oh well, hopefully those who are having fun there won’t feel like it’s a bad thing.

Shiro Madoushi

The fresh start servers have lost a lot of their population. Prices are soaring and the economies are all but crippled. They are doing this to keep those servers from emptying out. You can also expect transfers to open up for them soon.