That looks complicated.

New World offers up a new video explaining how deceptively hard an MMO actually is to make

Video games are hard. You know that, but it isn't ever really clear how hard from the other side of the screen, and that's...

Wild Terra 2 updates its engine version in a highly technical patch

We're sorry that Wild Terra 2's latest patch is just not going to be all that exciting for players. Sometimes patches just aren't all that exciting....
Rebuild. Rise.

City of Titans has slimmed down its costuming program, bringing it closer to a test state

Costumes in a superhero game are a big deal, something the City of Titans team is well aware of. But system resources are also a big deal,...
This may be overreaching.

Saga of Lucimia doesn’t have minimum specs for its testing, but it also does

There are no minimum specs listed for Saga of Lucimia's early access test starting on December 22nd. That's because no work has really yet...
Pet action.

Final Fantasy XI’s October update improves gear purchasing and skillchains

You would think that if you've been playing Final Fantasy XI long enough to care about skillchains, you would probably have memorized the various...
How near, how far.

Valiance Online says its alpha is coming soon

Hearing that something is coming "soon" is the bane of every MMO player; it technically qualifies as a time frame, but it's vague and...
Fall like leaves! fall.

Ashes of Creation details the progress of seasons

The environment in Ashes of Creation is meant to change around you. The most basic level of this, as detailed in the most recent...
I will worship.

Skyforge streamlines the Order system with its next patch

Players in Skyforge are deities. That's sort of the entire premise behind the game. Of course, one of the usual benefits of being a...
Ah yes, teamwork.

Star Trek Online plans to improve performance with more elegant math

If you aren't super interested in reading detailed technical breakdowns of changes to game clients, you can just accept that Star Trek Online's developers...
No levels, but still levels just like always.

Trove’s new character power ranking system rolls out today

What level is your favorite character class in Trove? There are rather more answers to that question than you might think. Sure, there's the...
We're in space.

Elite Dangerous shows off the system specs for Horizon in its latest newsletter

What will it take for you to land your ship on planets in Elite: Dangerous? Well, at the very least it will take a...