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Destiny 2 staff told to work remotely to keep season on track (and the novel coronavirus at bay)

As the coronavirus has now passed 100,000 cases worldwide, more than just gaming conventions are angling to make sure they aren't among the list...

Red Dead Online is blowing up with its new showdown mode, Up in Smoke

Coming hot off the heels of last month's Spoils of War and Target Race game modes is a brand-new showdown game mode for Red...

Red Dead Online’s latest update adds daily challenges, new events, and more

The first major batch of updates has come to the Red Dead Online beta, bringing with it new gameplay features, weapons, clothing, and more....
Well, this is fine.

Take-Two’s crusade against Grand Theft Auto cheat creators continues with another successful lawsuit

It looks like Take-Two has added another marker to its tally of successful lawsuits against cheaters, this time against the creator of the Grand...
Take him out.

Red Dead Redemption 2 leads the charge in Take-Two’s unexpectedly successful third quarter

It's been a good third quarter for publisher Take-Two, which posted $1.57 billion in net bookings, $1.248 billion in revenue, and $350 million in...

The Pinkertons are taking Take-Two to court over Red Dead Redemption 2

Strange lawsuits aren't exactly uncommon within the gaming industry, but this one might just be the weirdest so far -- this year, at any...

Carlton is making trouble in Fortnite’s neighborhood – by suing Epic over his dance

Alfonso Ribeiro, the actor probably best known for playing Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and now the host of America's Funniest Home...

Take-Two seems to have strong-armed a British tech site over Red Dead Redemption 2 leaks

According to recent reports from Variety, Kotaku, and Gamasutra, British technology website TrustedReviews has pulled a February article that published leaked information about Rockstar...

Yep, Borderlands Online is a goner

Take-Two has confirmed rumors of Borderlands Online's demise, as well as the closure of its 2K China studio and the firing of approximately 150...