Take-Two’s crusade against Grand Theft Auto cheat creators continues with another successful lawsuit

Well, this is fine.

It looks like Take-Two has added another marker to its tally of successful lawsuits against cheaters, this time against the creator of the Grand Theft Auto Online┬ácheat software known as Elusive. In the ruling on the lawsuit, which was filed against Florida resident Jhonny Perez, a US District Court Judge found that “Take-Two has been irreparably harmed by Mr. Perez’s infringing conduct and will continue to be harmed unless enjoined.”

The company estimates that the financial harm caused by Perez’s Elusive program, which granted players access to unlimited currency and thus “discouraged users from future purchases,” totals up to “at least $500,000.” Take-Two initially sought to reach a settlement with Perez, but following a lack of response from the Elusive creator, ultimately found it necessary to pursue reparations in court. As a result of the ruling, Perez has been ordered to pay Take-Two $150,000 in statutory damages — the maximum amount possible under the law — as well as $69,868 in attorney fees.

Take-Two and Rockstar have kept their legal teams busy the last couple of years. Here’s a refresher:

Source: TorrentFreak. Thanks, Kinya!
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