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The Daily Grind: How bloody do you want your MMOs?

There's a lot of talk about violence in video games, but examples cited are often not really about violence but about the results of...
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The Daily Grind: Do you prefer learning or executing mechanics in MMO fights?

When it comes to any MMO battle with mechanics more complex than, "There's a guy over there so go perform violence upon that guy,"...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite thing to do in MMOs that isn’t violence?

A while back, I read a Twitter thread about one of the reasons video games revolve around violence: It's easy to assemble into content,...

Cooperating in violent games like Fortnite is good for children, actually

Here's something that might bake your noodle: A new study suggests that children playing violent video games cooperatively such as Fortnite are actually more...

Ten-year study finds no link between game violence and aggressive behavior from adolescence to adulthood

We've got another leaflet of evidence on the already towering pile of research suggesting no link between video game violence and aggressive behavior. A...
Venting prevents ex-plo-si-on.

Vague Patch Notes: You are and are not who you are in MMOs

If you've never been hit in the face, you're not really prepared for when someone does it, much less when it's a fist instead...
Planet of hates.

For Science: Meta-analysis of aggression studies shows no link between aggression and video games

Do video games make people violent? The dispatch from the APA back in March certainly seems to indicate that it thinks so, which runs...

For Science: Academics blast APA’s updated resolution on games and aggression

My Twitter feed was on fire about three things today: politics, coronavirus, and violence in video games. The last entry there is all because...

CNBC runs down the debate of violent video games and their effect on gamers

Yes, we're back on this again. The subject of video games, violent content, and their affect on players is arriving once more, this time...

For Science: Study suggests racial stereotyping underpins campaign to blame real-world violence on video games

Academics have found a way to make the media and politicians' spurious blame of video games for real-world violence look even worse than it...

For Science: Another longitudinal study demonstrates no link between video games and aggression

Back in July, we covered a Stetson University paper for a study that examined over 3000 Singaporean primary and secondary school students over the...

The APA rejects link between video games and real-world violence

We're probably preaching to the choir with this one, but did you know that there is still no proven link between video games and...

TV networks block Apex Legends esports tourney broadcast following mass shootings

In what is being explained as a move of "respect for the victims and all those impacted" by recent mass shooting events in Texas...

Working As Intended: We’re all full up on moral panics right now, but thanks

It's no great secret that MMORPG fans fall toward the middle of the age spectrum, given the history and peak of our genre. This...

For Science: New longitudinal study demonstrates no link between video games and aggression

It seems we have another one of these papers every few months, and each time we cover them we get comments and tweets that...
See, this is why no one likes you. It's because of this.

For Science: Yet another study finds no link between violent video games and aggression

Yet another academic study appears to indicate no correlation between aggressive behavior and violent video games, this one specifically in kids. In the newly published...

Noted statistician blasts 2013 paper that links aggression and video games

Last month, as part of our ongoing dialogue about video games and violence, we covered a brand-new paper that found that playing video games...

GDC 2018: Depictions of violence and war in video games and Destiny’s Sword

I love stories. Maybe it's the teacher in me, but I love stories not just for their raw entertainment value, but for their ability...

For science: New long-term study shows video games don’t make adults violent

Before we start, yes, I'm sure many of our readers are feeling a big wave of "duh" at the statement in the headline, but...
We were so certain we had this.

MMO business roundup: Steam, toxicity, Kartridge, contracts, dopamine, and guns

What's going on in the online video games business this week? Let's dig in. Steam, toxicity, and Kartridge The Center for Investigative Reporting (via Motherboard) has a...