PlanetSide 2 breaks its own world record two times over and begins public testing its next update


Yesterday, players of PlanetSide 2 were asked to be a part of the game’s history as Daybreak rallied fans to try to break its existing Guinness World Record for most players online in an FPS battle, and the fans absolutely responded in kind, effectively breaking the record twice.

For context, the record from 2015 was 1,158 players at once. This weekend saw the Emerald server pull together a head count of 1,228, followed roughly 20 minutes later by 1,241 people on the Connery server. The record is yet to be officially ratified by Guinness World Records at the time of this writing, but by all accounts it’s all academic.

In other PS2 news, the previously detailed 10th anniversary update has arrived to the PTS, letting players test out the new CTF-style conduit capture mode and updates to the mechanics of the bastion fleet carrier, along with some adjustments to some of the shooter’s continents and bases.

Source: Twitter (1, 2), official site
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