WRUP: Things I have failed to solo edition

The ants in the kitchen: This one seemed so easy. I really thought placing some ant traps would do it. Then the ants stole...
mom please never call me again

WRUP: Warmble harmble chumble cheeble edition

Full cast list (without profanity): Don Cheadle ........ Serpentor, Don Cheadle, Alec Baldwin, The Man In The Iron Mask, The Man In The Iron Giant,...

WRUP: Who liking the BEE edition

(All rise for the national anthem of What Are You Playing?) When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Api-Mary comforts me Speaking words of wisdom: BEES...
Our Hero

WRUP: Art errors in Massively Overpowered Issue #213 edition

During the main scene outside Oldman's Pub, Bree's hands are incorrectly colored like her jacket. Eliot is drawn with the older Apex Sword...

WRUP: Identifying the bilge vent in your group edition

As a natural law, it is accepted by all people of good character that any group of people, whether a professional gathering or a...
Yeah, no.

WRUP: Declined edition

We're very sorry, everyone, but this week we have declined to have an entry in What Are You Playing. This is a significant milestone,...

WRUP: Why you are totally owned edition

You have been owned all week. Here are the ways you have been owned. Sunday: Your mailman pulled up to your front door, slammed a...
Oh, this is much better.

WRUP: Try not to set your car on fire edition

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another installment of everyone's favorite game show, Try Not To Set Your Car On Fire! As always, we would...
You were hoping for a picture of Tgek'dmal, I know.

WRUP: Totally noir weekend edition

It's a hard night out there in a hard city, and I'm a hard man. A private eye. The name's Boil. Lance Boil. Yes,...

WRUP: L’édition quand on apprend le français

"Tout le monde veut voler mon pamplemousse." Literal translation: Everyone wants to steal my grapefruit. What it means: Your grapefruit is full of drugs. "Pour passer un...
Not this.

WRUP: Fruit by the fruit edition

Fruit by the fruit by the froot by the frewt by the fret by the feet by the fruit by the fart by the...
It's a car.

WRUP: Choose Your Own Adventure: Who drove your car into the ravine edition

Your mom: If your mom drove your car into the ravine, the car then explodes because she's secretly an android sent by the evil...
This should be easier.

WRUP: The fork edition

Chopsticks are shaped pairs of equal-length sticks of China Simplified Chinese characters are standardized Chinese characters, also called hanzi Traditional Chinese characters are one...
Badging like you do.

WRUP: Badger milk pitch meeting edition

All right, so get this. All right? All right. People like badgers, right? What do you mean "maybe?" People like badgers. Everyone likes badgers....

WRUP: We don’t talk about fish sticks, no no no edition

Ahem. I'm sorry, you were all expecting a musical number here, weren't you? The writers behind our weekly What Are You Playing installment wish...

WRUP: Astrid Cornwaker and the tortellini edition

Level 1-1: Amble bamble ham preamble. Walka-walka-walka-do, Fred Flinstone, horse with glue. Joopa joopa woopa do, hoopa woopa loo, matcha matcha horble farble angus...
It's a car.

WRUP: The first man to marry a motorcycle vs. the first motorcycle on the moon edition

Aw, there was a motorcycle on the moon? Darn it! Why do I have to spend this week's What Are You Playing talking about...
I ride this on the stage.

WRUP: The first person to make a motorcycle vs. the first person to marry a motorcycle edition

The first motorcycle was invented in 1941 by a Swedish-American inventory named Johann Motorcyclemaker, a name which originally referred to a children's toy made...
The horror

WRUP: Welcome to Horror Burger edition

Hi, welcome to Horror Burger, home of the skinless monstrosities and bottomless fries! Can I take your order? If you're unsure of what you...
episodio ocho de star wars: el último caballero

WRUP: Hangin’ out with Bingo Steve edition

Do not take Bingo Steve into a CVS pharmacy. Bingo Steve has been officially banned from CVS across the country due to something he...