WRUP: Clowns are funny edition

dem bones

please if anyone can read this there is something going on my name is michael jordan i’m being held against my will at 453 apple tree road in torrington, new jersey, yes my name is actually michael jordan, not the michael jordan but that is my real name, can we please move on from this this is an emergency, i’m being held against my will because i do not want to be here any longer but the man here keeps telling me i cannot leave just because he’s a “doctor” and I need to have an “operation” to “remove my appendix” but i want to go home and play the classic playstation game jade cocoon

jade cocoon was released in north america in july of 1997 and it is a game i enjoy very much but i am currently trying my latest playthrough during which i am doing what i call a “slow-run” wherein i refuse to press the square button at any time no matter how much the game tells me to and also every time the game makes a sound at me i yell at the console for one solid minute and anyway the doctors think that’s what happened to my appendix, are you coming to get me, if you do please bring ice cream. also tell me you are also playing jade cocoon.

Bonus question: What will get you to attend a gathering you otherwise aren’t interested in?

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): So I have two things on deck this weekend. I want to pop into Star Wars Galaxies Legends to take a closer look at the new stuff on the Empire Day vendors and see if the cosmetics are worth grinding for. And I am preparing a lowbie-ish toon for Moria to play through it with my husband, whom I’ve finally convinced to give Lord of the Rings Online another try.

Pretty much the only thing that’d turn my no into a yes is if it makes my kids happy. Or like a huge stack of money, but that doesn’t really come up much!

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Got some games to review and got at least one movie to see. That’ll keep me mostly occupied, although there’s always some Final Fantasy XIV stuff to do. Always.

Honestly, it’s not hard to get me to go to a gathering I’m otherwise inclined to skip; just ask me. If it’s not incredibly difficult or expensive to get to, I’ll go for the person who asked if for no one else. That doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily stay for hours, but if I go and I’m having fun (which isn’t hard) I’ll stick around. The trick isn’t that I dislike people but that I’m usually pretty sure no one wants me around.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’ve got Tower of Fantasy in the rearview so I’m not sure what I want to play next. I’m hopeful I’ll finish Chained Echoes this weekend. I probably could’ve finished already but then the completionist in me decided to do a bunch of side quests. I have been popping into Guild Wars 2 for the dragon bash festival but that’s really a minimum commitment right now.

Bonus: I’ll tag into the boss’s line and add friends encouraging me. Especially if those friends say they’ll drive! Designated drivers for the win.

Tyler Edwards (blog): Likely going to continue my Dragon Age: Inquisition replay.

Bonus question: I’m one of those pathetic people who will go almost anywhere if I think it’ll impress a crush. But otherwise you’re not getting me out of my cave without a crowbar.

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