world war 2

World War II Online turns 20, tweaks sub, plans Steam launch and UE4 conversion

Cornered Rat Software's MMO World War II Online is 20 years old, believe it or not, and still under development "so as the create...

Heroes and Generals quilts together a patch out of player suggestions

Ever wonder if your game's developers are listening? Heroes and Generals' players don't have to; they know the team is hanging on their every...
Someone called us? Something about some duty?

Call of Duty: WW2 will feature a shared social space

Everything about Call of Duty: WW2 seems like it's going to be peak Call of Duty, doesn't it? It's World War 2, which is...

Heroes and Generals orders a tactical strike on cheaters

The World War II MMO Heroes and Generals is fighting more than just the Nazis this week. The team announced that it was performing...

Heroes & Generals adds a new game mode, map, and more

Heroes & Generals got a new content update today. It features a new encounter game mode and map with fast-paced infantry-only battles, as well...

World of Warplanes kicks off its Furiously Flying competition

Think you're a hotshot World of Warplanes pilot? You can prove it starting today via Wargaming's Furiously Flying Competition. The challenge involves earning as...

Heroes & Generals adds guns, ribbons, and more

Reto-Moto has patched its Heroes & Generals World War II shooter with the "Walker" update. It features new weapons, scopes, ribbons, tweaks and balancing, and more....
I'm on an angry.

World of Warships closed beta signups start Thursday

World of Warships' closed beta applications go live on Thursday, March 12th. A new Wargaming press release says that North American apps open at 2:00...
Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals update adds Soviet faction

Reto-Moto has added a third faction to World War II strategic shooter Heroes & Generals. The game's "largest ever" update includes the Soviet Red...
War Thunder

War Thunder’s ‘Big Guns’ patch adds IL-2, B-29, and more

Gaijin announced a "major update" for War Thunder this week. The 1.47 Big Guns patch adds the game's largest tank (the Pz.Kpfw.VIII Maus) and...