Heroes and Generals orders a tactical strike on cheaters


The World War II MMO Heroes and Generals is fighting more than just the Nazis this week. The team announced that it was performing another ban wave to rid the community of cheaters using third-party software to gain advantages.

“Our policy is zero tolerance, zero leniency, and zero exceptions,” the team said. “Anyone who is found to have, at any point in time, used any kind of third-party software designed to cheat while playing Heroes and Generals will lose their accounts once the cheat has been confirmed. Do not ‘try out’ a cheat, not even once: You will be permanently banned on all accounts.”

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Chris Moss

I wish GamersFirst would do this to the hackers on APB Reloaded.

Bruno Brito

Welp, i don’t expect anything proactive of them since they let Fallen Earth rot.

Kickstarter Donor

And please don’t pull a Black Desert and slap their hands/ban them then unban them. :P


Zero tolerance with regards to cheating is the only acceptable policy. Good for them.


I like their attitude.