Revelation Online teases world bosses and 11471-point achivement system

The latest Revelation Online PvE dev blog from is live today, and this one wraps up the series by covering world bosses as well as the achievement system.

World bosses are not going to be new to MMORPG vets: They’re just big bads out in the open world, foolishly standing around waiting for players to come kick their butts.

“There are 6 world bosses available in the game right now. For many of them you can find their spawn areas right on the map. Spawn times can vary – for one boss an hour might be enough, while you might have to wait a whole lot longer for another. However, the reward for a victory could be something really special. A rare fury skill, for example. The raid boss aimed at the strongest guilds is of particular interest. Every week, clans will fight each other for the right to come up against him. Only the very bravest warriors, who have shown their mastery in battle, will be able to fight against this boss.”

But maybe taking down bosses isn’t your thing – maybe you’re more an exploration type of achiever. In that case, take a peek at the game’s planned achievement system, which says includes PvE and PvP, storyline quests, life skills, and map exploration, plus “hidden deeds” and server firsts as you’d expect. “You can earn 11471 achievement points in the game right now,” boasts the team.

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