Revelation Online shows off its foxes

They’re mysterious. They’re ancient. They’re elegant. They are also, presumably, hiding in the bushes to steal your chickens. They’re the Foxes of Revelation Online, and they’re the subject of the game’s latest lore article. While they tend to look a bit young, Foxes are apparently ancient, differing from humans only insofar as they’ve got, well, enormous fox ears on their heads. Also, they can turn into actual foxes, so that’s a bit different.

Players who seek to curry favor with the Foxes are clearly individuals of discerning taste and will eventually unlock decorative items to make even player characters look appropriately vulpine. Of course, players should also expect to be put to sleep and pranked a few times; Foxes are benevolent, but they also love a good prank. Check out all of the details in the newest lore entry, or just start scouring the current closed beta to find these elusive individuals.

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