Conan Exiles might do a jungle biome after its next update

Funcom’s Joel Bylos answered another round of Conan Exiles’ questions over the weekend, several of them on the new biome and beyond. “We combined two biomes in this coming update (highlands and mountains) and we have plans for one or two more,” Bylos says. “Now depending on our assessment in August of what needs to be done for launch we might scale down or up our ambitions. For example, jungle requires a lot of foliage and 4.15 is supposed to have improved foliage optimizations. Assuming this all works out as planned, then it becomes more likely we do a jungle area next. But if foliage is a huge problem…we might try something else.” What else?

  • New music is coming with the new biome, along with at least one new “larger” dungeon.
  • Optimization work on the game continues.
  • The settlement update will arrive following the mounts and sorcery updates.
  • Instruments for both players and thralls will likely arrive with the thrall update.
  • Bears are coming, as are warpaints. Tattoos are a maybe.

As for a question about mass PvP and the difficulties of sorting out your enemies from your friends, Bylos says, “There are pretty strong opinions about this internally. Some people want it, some people hate it, some claims it ruins immersion, some claim that the dye system already provides the tools. I need to think about it some more and discuss it with more people before I can reach a conclusion about how it will work in the end.”

In other Conan news, the team has posted a workaround for players having problems running the game with AMD hardware and Realtek onboard audio.

Source: Reddit
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I don’t play Exiles (yet?) but love Jungle biomes, eq2 Feerrott back when you had to work through the Zones, i always looked forward to taking my alts through there. Headphones on and immersion set in.

Melissa McDonald

I have to say this interests me more than TSW’s reboot. If only because Conan is the only A-class MMO that’s had the courage to include nudity. We need more “M” rated games. Perhaps a Game of Thrones-based MMO would be truly adult in nature.

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Paragon Lost

AMD… so much suck. :/


this is good cause desert = laziness. unless it’s black desert

Melissa McDonald

the desert biome in Landmark was amazing. Whoever built that must’ve lived in the Southwestern USA, because they nailed it.


It could be considered laziness and granted, it’s not a huge improvement from the design team if they go that route, but the expansion of the map doesn’t necessarily mean desert = lazy. I expected more desolation before I got to the shores of the rivers anyway.

I’m happy we get continuous updates. I bailed for a bit, but this will be a pretty great survival game once finished.