RIFT brings on a new community manager

Oh, thanks.
ArcheAge isn’t the only game at Trion Worlds that’s shuffling around its community team these days. RIFT announced last Friday that it brought on board Jennifer “Yaviey” Bridges to be the new community manager for the fantasy MMO.

Bridges said she has worked on several MMO community teams to date including EverQuest II, WildStar, and Lineage II and was a RIFT player back in the early days of the title.

“If you couldn’t already guess, MMORPGs are my jam,” Bridges wrote. “They’re my absolute favorite type of game for a variety of reasons. I love the communities in them, I love that you can constantly strive to be better at something, and questing in general always feels so epic.”

This move doesn’t mean that Linda “Brasse” Carlson is out as a RIFT community manager. Bridges confirmed that Carlson will continue to manage the team while doing “cool creative stuff” in the meantime.


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Is it too late to get into this game? Been around a while can’t imagine it to be to much fun questing all by your self.


Interesting, left Intrepid Studios for Trion. Bold move, probably the right one though, hope it pays off. Glad to see that Brasse is going back to doing her job only. She did a good job holding it together, but Rift really needed a dedicated full-time CM.


I tend to think of anyone going to Trion’s communities is heading down the wrong road. Most of those communities are pretty frustrated and Rift’s most recent expansion debacle had people leaving in droves. Then again, maybe that makes it easier to manage.


That’s why they need a full time community manager. I can’t say that Ocho would have made the launch debacle any better, but it would have felt like we actually had someone listening to us a little bit…


I sometimes login n play. Fun game.