Shroud of the Avatar hopes to up its profile at San Diego Comic-Con this week


Watch out, Comic-Con: Shroud of the Avatar’s masterminds are on their way to rock your geeky world. Richard Garriott and Starr Long will host a panel on the upcoming game this Thursday, followed by a discussion of Garriott’s memoirs this Saturday. All publicity is good publicity, right?

While the big dogs are away, the cats will get back to work polishing up the MMO. The team reports that it’s been hard at work improving the visuals for three key cities that includes the full interior of a castle. Past that, two scenes are in the making, the former battleground of Hallowed Plains and the finale zone of Grannus Colossus.

“This Colossus map is located in northern Novia, and houses the giant Colossus statue of Grannus, titan of courage,” the team explained. “As Boreas was to the path of truth, with solving puzzles and using clues to progress to the colossus, this area is to courage (pitched battle against barbarian cannibal tribes of the north).”


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I guess that recent $100K from the rubes paid for the table at comic con. Pretty sweet deal.