MMO game dev comedy series Mythic Quest debuts teaser trailer for upcoming third season

The story of the dysfunctional MMO game dev studio of Mythic Quest will continue to be told as promised. This year's San Diego Comic...

Gaming television network G4 will apparently return in 2021

Back in 2002, G4: TV 4 Gamers was born, mining a previously untapped market of people hungry for gaming-related programming in the days when...

GDC Summer, Dota 2’s The International, and Fortnite’s World Cup suffer fresh setbacks thanks to the pandemic

More bad news for gaming convention-goers and esports fans: Everything is canceled. OK, not everything, but a lot. And not canceled, but postponed or...
Gone, girl.

San Diego Comic Con is officially cancelled this year thanks to COVID-19

It looks like the novel coronavirus has once again successfully put the kibosh on another major convention here in the US. San Diego Comic...

COVID-19 roundup: Brick-and-mortar game store stupidity, ‘reimagined’ E3 2021, and Twitch’s new record

We're back once again with some more novel coronavirus news stories all bundled up for you in one place, and friends, we're going to...

EverQuesting: Looking back at EverQuest’s 21st year

There are landmark years, and then there are landmark years. (Not to be confused with Landmark, which has been gone for years.) You can...

EverQuest turns 20 with new video and infographic as new progression servers arrive

Classic EverQuest turned 20 years old this weekend, with anniversary content (for EverQuest II as well) and two new progression servers. "While we always...

‘We all can be heroes:’ An interview with Star Trek Online’s Chase Masterson

With a dozen members of the all-star cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine returning to reprise their roles for this June's Star Trek...

Shroud of the Avatar hopes to up its profile at San Diego Comic-Con this week

Watch out, Comic-Con: Shroud of the Avatar's masterminds are on their way to rock your geeky world. Richard Garriott and Starr Long will host...
Trade tricks.

SDCC 2017: Pantheon invites you to ‘Bring Friends’ in its new trailer

San Diego Comic-Con hasn't been known for much of an MMORPG presence in years, but Pantheon is showing up with a trailer in tow,...

Hearthstone’s Ice Cream Citadel is chilling at SDCC

Proving once again there's no end to the Hearthstone gimmicks and pranks it will pull, Blizzard has announced Ice Cream Citadel, a pop-up ice...

Warframe and Top Cow to produce exclusive comic book series

Well here's a fun bit of news: Warframe is getting a physical comic book run. Digital Extremes announced today that it's signed Top Cow...

BioWare to close all game forums except SWTOR’s

BioWare is shutting down its game forums... except those for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The studio told fans of its Dragon Age, Mass...
Pokemon gone?

Pokemon Go: Drones, Tesla autopilot, finding Ditto, and dirty cheaters

Hands at 9 and 3, Poke trainers, and no cheating! If you're too lazy to actually go play Pokemon Go but don't want to...
Avec les hommes et le Pokey.

Pokemon Go: Stock plummet, trolling, design fails, and crossing the Canadian border

Here's our near-daily smorgasbord of inane Pokemon Go stories. I'm sorry. Two kids from Alberta, Canada, crossed the border into the US state of...
He really isn't I know, but work with me here.

World of Warcraft drops more pre-Legion lore at SDCC ’16

There's going to be quite a bit of lore in World of Warcraft to lead up to the release of Legion, but not every...

Warcraft movie footage smuggled from SDCC

Well, you know that someone had to be the sneaky one and record the Warcraft movie footage from the San Diego Comic Con. And...

Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR’s group content overhaul

I am a raider. I'm not one of those raiders who spends every waking moment learning how to optimize gear and spending four to...

You can’t see the new Warcraft trailer, but you can read about it

Last week's San Diego Comic Con was of great interest to World of Warcraft fans, as Director Duncan Jones led a panel of the...

Marvel Heroes on Ant-Man and the vote for future heroes

With a panel at last week's San Diego Comic Con and preparations for this week's Ant-Man patch, Marvel Heroes has been quite busy talking...