Gaming television network G4 will apparently return in 2021


Back in 2002, G4: TV 4 Gamers was born, mining a previously untapped market of people hungry for gaming-related programming in the days when the Xbox and PS2 were at the height of their power and video gaming was raking in huge money. The network was host to a variety of noteworthy programs including Attack of the Show, X-Play, and Cinematech, and ran until its decline and eventual shutdown in 2014 as the channel seemed to move away from regular programming and instead focused on giant marathons of Cops and Ninja Warrior.

With more internet shows and podcasts all about gaming out now than ever before, it would appear that a G4 would never return or even be needed. However, a surprise announcement from IGN at SDCC’s digital ComicCon @ Home unveiled that G4 TV is coming back.

The return was publicized in the digital show as well as on the official Twitter accounts of both X-Play and Attack of the Show, all of which involved a video panning around an empty warehouse full of G4-related memorabilia and finally focusing on a marathon of Pong — G4’s very first aired anything — which was interrupted by the G4 logo and the year 2021. The reveal appears to have taken former X-Play hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb by surprise, though former AOTS hosts Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira seem intriguingly less surprised.

Specifics on just what form G4 will take in 2021 are not available right now, though the presumed wisdom is that it will be part of NBC’s Peacock streaming service, as G4 was recently owned by Comcast, an NBCUniversal subsidiary. One should also consider the possibility that G4 will be associated with IGN in some fashion simply because they were the ones to pull back the curtain, though that’s more supposition than anything. For now, we can all just sort of marvel that this is going to be a thing again in the video below. There’s also an excellent documentary about the rise and fall of G4 from GoodBadFlicks below that as well. Just in case anyone reading is too young to know what a G4 was.

source: YouTube via Polygon

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Robert Mann

Ah yes, G4. The TV variant of streamers, and just as boring compared to actually playing games.

Oh well, I’m not the target audience anyway, despite playing games.

P.S. Especially since ‘attractive people’ don’t mean squat to me when there’s nothing but a video involved. Seems like a majority of what I see is people pining for the actors/actresses that were involved. Another thing I never really got, from movies and TV. Yep.

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Portal on G4 back in the day was my introduction to the world of MMO’s (Everquest) when I was in high school. The channel definitely took a downturn but I’m interested to see what they do with it. And I agree with the others on Olivia Munn 😍


Cool, it did feel like G4 was ahead of its time imo. The Icons show was really great in its early days as it featured the histories of different big names, franchises, and companies from Nobuo Uematsu to the first game console and so on. X-Play before Adam left was quite fun too. In general G4 sort of opened my mind up more to the idea of watching competitive gaming via Arena, and opened me up to more games in general since that’s how I first heard of Final Fantasy XI through X-Play for example.

I think it could do well today still, but guessing it won’t really be able to recapture the old magic it had in the 2000’s. Adam Sessler/Morgan Webb were a great duo for example and I’m guessing they’re unlikely to return.


And nothing of value will apparently return.

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Oh please bring Morgan Webb back. ❤️


Ah, yes G4. I loved it during it’s golden years. When it was less show and more games. This was even before Attack of the Show. Before the merger with Tech TV.

I couldn’t believe there was a channel for gamers with shows that however campy and even ridiculous were truly for gamers. Want nothing but game play with no narration, Cinematech. How about a show highlighting cheats called… Cheat! Lol!

Lol! I was a super nerd.

So now it returns again. Some permutation of what it became and what some exec thinks it should be. I’ll check it out, sure. But my nostalgia I save for the original G4. When Arena was one of the first televised e sports shows and Icons were truly excellent documentary style pieces on gaming and the gaming gods.


G4 was okay to watch, though it wouldn’t really fly today with all the YouTubers and streamers doing a much better and more thorough coverage of games. I liked the one guy from X-Play, Adam Sessler. That and there was an huge bias towards Microsoft. Any game they would almost always give a better score to the XBox platform over PlayStation or Nintendo. Also, a lot of the shows don’t apply anymore such as Cheat! where today’s God Mode and Infinite Money codes are done by credit card.

G4 is a relic of a time when video games were video games. Be nice to see them back, it’s probably for the best to keep the memory buried.

Jacquotte Fox Kline

MassivelyOP is a good news aggregator, but it only covers a tiny fraction of what’s happening. I really liked G4 back in the day, and if the reboot does a good, really condensed news coverage of everything from console to PC to Twitch drama, as a daily “evening news” type thing for video games, I would probably watch daily.


if that’s what it would be that would be nice, but the show/network was just bad. You didn’t learn anything and it focused on only a couple stories in the most superficial way.


I’d be interested so long as original talent were involved…

Cinematech was what first turned me on to Aion (as little as I’ve played it, the original game at release was my favorite time in it) as well as… I believe Valkyria Chronicles–though if my memory is serving me right the trailer I’d seen was not exactly like what the game turned out to be.

And Attack of the Show and X-Play were personal favorites. Ninja Warrior was a fun watch too… but once things started going downhill hard I fell out of the channel. They had a lot of fun content that could use re-airing, but they went cheap and grabbed half-day long marathons of ‘Cops’ instead. Thankfully the show’s dead so that’s no longer a fallback…

But, to be honest, with the responses key individuals seemed to have I don’t know if they’ll be brought back–or if they even want to come back. Apparently Olivia Munn is dating the person who may be heading up the relaunch so… she might be in?

I’m also just… not holding my breath on it. A trailer and a date with nothing to support or back what it brings is hardly news-worthy except for the name attached to it.


I liked watching Attack of the Show with Olivia Munn and the whoever that other guy was(He was a really cool host though.) First time I heard of Warhammer Online.

Doctor Sweers

Kevin Pereira. Yea, he does good work. He had a show on Twitch called The Attack for a bit that wasn’t too bad. Good to see G4 is coming back. Bring back Screen Savers!

Malcolm Swoboda

Looking forward to more ‘good work’ view-botting.