World of Warcraft drops more pre-Legion lore at SDCC ’16

He really isn't I know, but work with me here.

There’s going to be quite a bit of lore in World of Warcraft to lead up to the release of Legion, but not every story is one that players would necessarily experience directly. You’re going to be trying to insert a few pointy bits of metal into Gul’dan’s midsection, not ask him about his life’s story. But you can still get that story with the new animated short, Harbingers, in which the wizened warlock weaves his own winding tale.

Players can also peruse a new motion comic starring Anduin Wrynn, and there’s a preview of an audio drama about the Tomb of Sargeras that promises to arrive soon. It’s a whole lot of lore about what’s going on behind the scenes, including the developments that have been shaping Azeroth whilst players were occupied with alternate Draenor. You can check out the animated short just below, and keep your eyes peeled on the start date for the lore-focused quests kicking off in the game.


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