EverQuest turns 20 with new video and infographic as new progression servers arrive


Classic EverQuest turned 20 years old this weekend, with anniversary content (for EverQuest II as well) and two new progression servers. “While we always plan and hope for the best, our experience has shown us that the first couple of days with new progression servers aren’t always perfect,” Daybreak admitted Saturday morning, and the studio was right: The forums were quickly (and still are) awash in complaints from gamers trying to access the time-locked servers but instead encountering crashes and connection issues. Just like old times!

That said, we streamed from the game on Saturday and hopped around on our froggy without many serious problems, so plainly not everyone was affected.

Daybreak has out-of-game plans to celebrate the game’s birthday too, including an exhibit at SDCC and the re-release of the original soundtrack. In the meantime, check out the studio’s celebratory video and infographic, plus our recap of the game’s recent activities. (Kinda feeling sorry for poor Tharkis right now! They kinda called him out!)

Source: Producer’s letter. Thanks, Jay!
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