Widely regarded as the best RPG class of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Hear Project Gorgon’s Bard healing like a rock star

We are still waiting for the full reveal of Project Gorgon’s promised Bard skill, but in the meantime we can enjoy a sneak peek at what the class has to offer. Or should we say, a sneak listen? That doesn’t rhyme. Oh well.

Project Gorgon Composer Conor Brace posted a new piece of music that demonstrates the Bard healing with tunes while playing alongside the combat theme. Check it out:

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Project Gorgon teases the musical Bard skill

It’s an undeniable fact that Bards are flat-out awesome, and soon they’ll be bringing their musical magic to the alpha of Project Gorgon.

The dev team announced that the Bard skill is “on deck” for the next patch. Bards provide group support with their songs and thus are best used in teams. They can use their lutes or battle-horns to spin out short-term buffs, healing spells, activate ongoing songs, and even mesmerize foes. Using a song requires that the player stand still, so long distance abilities (such as Mentalism or Archery) are recommended for the class.

Apparently, unlocking the Bard skill will be “tricky,” so don’t expect to get it right from the start. Project Gorgon’s composer has designed music for Bards to sync up with combat music so that it wouldn’t clash but would compliment. Check out this sample!


The Daily Grind: Does World of Warcraft need another new class?

During this week’s podcast, Justin expressed some frustration over his efforts to enjoy an alt in World of Warcraft. All of his characters, he said, just didn’t feel the same, and he wasn’t loving them. In the end, he rekindled his love for all things demonic with his Warlock, but what went through my mind — prompted by other topics on our agenda that day, like Black Desert’s Dark Knight — is this: Isn’t it time for a new WoW class altogether?

I ask this because I’ve shared Justin’s annoyance over losing my own emotional attachment to my WoW characters as they’ve taken so many twists and turns in what they can functionally do over the years. I really liked the Monk class because it didn’t have that baggage. (Demon Hunters, not so much, not really my thing — I thought they were a bit redundant in theme.)

A true bard class, however, would basically get my instant preorder, and this from a girl who hasn’t had an urge to play in a long time. And I’m not crazy: Go forth and google “WoW bard” and take a look at all the people anxious to see it happen post-Legion — and not just in April Fool’s Day fun.

Also, bards are the best class, period.

Do you think WoW needs a new class in the next expansion? Do you think it’s ever going to happen?

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Pirates, Bards, and Astrologers abound in Lost Ark

One thing is for sure with Lost Ark: You are not going to find yourself constrained and bored with a paltry handful of class choices. The title sports six basic archetypes that then branch off into three advanced classes each, bringing the total high-level count for professions up to an impressive 18 selections.

For example, the Mage can specialize into a Bard, the Assassin into a Pirate, and the Specialist can pick up a supermarket tabloid and become a dreaded Astrologer. Other interesting-looking class titles include Musician, Hawkeye, and Warlord. Let the other games have their paltry Fighters and Warriors — you are a Warlord and you will stride across their corpses.

While some of the names might be in flux due to localization, at least fans of the upcoming MMOARPG can start mulling over possible class picks.

Source: Reddit


Allods Online spends a week celebrating Bards

Some classes in Allods Online are heirs to mysterious, almost incomprehensible power. Bards are not one of those classes. Bards are musical dynamos that can empower allies, hinder enemies, and rock out to literally any Queen song at the drop of a hat. So it’s only fair that they get a whole festival dedicated to the power of music that Bards wield with impunity in battle.

During the Bard Festival, the thrilling troubadours can exchange anniversary coins for appropriate bardic costume attire. If you’re a fan of the class and want to get in on the celebration, be sure to do so sooner rather than later; the event ends on November 22nd.


Camelot Unchained unveils its support classes [Updated]

Camelot Unchained’s latest class reveal should please fans of bards and support. The three archetypes are the Skald, the Minstrel, and the Dark Fool. The Skald foregoes musical instruments to focus on words, which are amplified with “certain magical accoutrements.” Skalds are also the best choice if you’d like to focus on using weapons. The Minstrel sounds fairly traditional as far as classes go, though the update does note that they’re prone to offering enemies a “lute to the head”  instead of a song. Finally, the Dark Fool is a trickster who uses reed pipes to confuse, mislead, and attack.

Further info on all three support flavors is found CU’s official website.

Update: CU’s Mark Jacobs has also penned a new Friday evening update that sums up development progress over the past week.


Wisdom of Nym: The state of Final Fantasy XIV’s ranged DPS

Honestly, ranged damage is a field that’s never quite appealed to me as much as other options for doing stuff. Not just in Final Fantasy XIV, but in anything. I love tanking, I love healing, I love providing solid damage – but give me a choice of how to do so, and I’d rather be up in the paint slicing something’s face off than attacking from a distance. And that’s with my love of gunplay.

Still, that doesn’t mean that FFXIV‘s ranged damage needs to suffer, does it? Although it really sort of is suffering, at the moment – neither Bards nor Machinists are in a great place, though arguably the former is in a worse place than the latter at the moment. But let’s take a look at both of these jobs, what their expected roles are, and what makes them cool or not – you know, the usual. I’ve done this column format twice before, I assume you recognize it by now.

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Project Gorgon hits musical expansion stretch goal

With 12 days left to go in its Kickstarter campaign, indie MMO Project Gorgon is crossing off stretch goals left and right. The fantasy title recently crossed the $35,000 barrier, which means that the developers will work on expanding the player music system to include new song loops, a new instrument, and even the ability for animal forms to join in the fun.

Because if you’re a cow, you should totally be able to play cowbell, are we right?

Speaking of music, the next stretch goal at $40,000 will unlock the Bard skill, which opens up options for buffing and crowd control. If you’re interested in Project Gorgon, stay tuned for a special interview with its creator on the Massively OP Podcast later today!

Source: Kickstarter


Project Gorgon unveils musical stretch goals

The Project Gorgon Kickstarter is humming along nicely this time around, and the developers have already passed the $25,000 stretch goal. So what’s next on the agenda? Music! Two new stretch goals have been added for the $35,000 and $40,000 targets, and both of them should produce a sound soothing to the ears.

At $35,000, developers will expand what can be done with the various instruments already slated for the game, adding in new musical loops, a seventh instrument, and even animal forms getting in on the action. Meanwhile, at $40,000 the game is going to add in the Bard skill line, which can be combined with other skills to make a character well-versed in buffs or crowd control as desired.


Not So Massively: Hearthstone’s MagicAmy drama; Riot rules on SpectateFaker

Riot Games President Marc Merill says he regrets comments made in the heat of the moment regarding the recent SpectateFaker controversy. Riot issued its ruling on the matter this week, confirming that it will take the stream down as Faker believes it’s harming his career. League of Legends also got a new champion this week with Bard, an odd new support champion who grows in power by collecting musical chimes that appear randomly on the map. Hearthstone was also rocked with its own scandal recently as players began aggressively investigating female competitive player Hyerim “MagicAmy” Lee over accusations that someone else was playing her tournament matches for her.

In lighter news, Blizzard announced that it will have a huge booth in March’s Intel Extreme Masters event and will be giving out Heroes of the Storm beta keys at the event. Infinite Crisis faces low player numbers as it closes down the Gotham Heights matchmaking queue. Diablo III players have found a way to power-level extremely quickly and have already broken the 800 paragon level barrier. Third person MOBA SMITE has released new goddess Bellona, the Ancient Roman Goddess of war. Destiny‘s patch 1.1.1 has now landed along with new goodies like mobile vault access and a new hardcore Inferno game mode. And mobile MOBA Vainglory released new mage hero Celeste as part of patch 1.2.0.

Read on for a detailed breakdown of this week’s news from popular online multiplayer games.

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The Game Archaeologist: Ten facts of EverQuest life circa 1999

MMOs change. We know that, but we also tend to forget it as well. The games that we play today can often be light-years distant from how they used to be when they launched, especially if they’ve been around for well over a decade.

I was never part of the EverQuest scene back in the day (or even now), but I’ve always been fascinated with random tales and tidbits of how the game used to be versus how it is now. With that in mind, I put out a call to player vets who were there back in ’99 to share some of the facts of EQ life. The deluge of stories that I got in return was staggering, and I’m excited to share them with you.

How was the game different? What mechanics and obstacles did players have to deal with that are unheard of today? Check out what those who were on the scene in 1999 had to say!

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League of Legends adds Bard, the Wandering Caretaker

Do you like roaming around and picking up random junk on the ground? Then you might be the perfect player type to handle League of Legends’ newest champion, Bard, who gains “meep” pets by snagging chimes hidden around the playing field.

According to his reveal, “Bard is League’s first support to gain advantages solely from moving around Summoner’s Rift. By constantly collecting his unique chimes, he covers plenty of ground at all stages of a game, and offers his team both solid sustain with his health packs and unrivalled team mobility with his long range portals.”

In addition to introducing Bard, LoL has updated to Patch 5.4, which includes a semi-locked camera option, a DJ Sona skin, and a bunch of mage love. Speaking of DJ Sona, you can catch a quick concert of hers after the break!

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The Daily Grind: Which MMO boasts the best bard?

A player on Reddit recently asked one of the most pressing questions in the MMO genre today: “Where can I find a fun Bard-like class?” Though often posts on the MMORPG Reddit aren’t heavily populated, this one elicited dozens of responses and ideas. I’m telling you: Bards are awesome, and everyone knows it.

Naturally, the thread quickly devolved into bragging about just who could twist the most songs as a Bard in classic EverQuest.

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