Do you hear what I hear? Trove is getting a Bard class!


One thing is for certain: Out of all of the MMOs that Gamigo bought off of the now-defunct Trion Games, Trove is the one getting the most love at present. Not only is the title coming to Nintendo Switch this summer, but it’s also busting out a brand-new class for players to enjoy.

In fact, the musically talented Bard is on the test server right now: “Bards weave together stylish moves and powerful songs in order to buff allies and dish out magic damage. Bards use fist weapons to power up the strums of their lute. They have the ability to convert the physical damage on fist weapons into magic damage. This class goes to 11!”

Gamigo said that players can obtain the Bard through crafting or a Bard pack but cannot be bought with class coins. The class offers a wide range of abilities, from lute damage to dancing to tossing singing crystals about.

Source: Trove

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That this game, which a few Trion employees at first were working on their own free time as a hobby project, is the one game that flourishes after the wreck of Trion should really give some thought to studio bosses.