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Indie studio known primarily for Shards Online.

Shards Online pumps up early access hype with a community roundtable

Last week we reported that Shards Online is winding down its alpha program and gearing up for Steam early access launch sometime in the next few months. As a follow-up to this and other improvements to the game, the team sat down for a community roundtable to talk about the next phase of Shards Online's development.

Topics include expanding loyalty options in the store, the week-long head start, the confirmation of a full wipe with the Steam launch, rewarding players retroactively with extra loyalty, the possibility for minigames, and the assurance that PvE players will have a lot of area to romp around without worrying about being ganked.

Drink in the full community roundtable and the alpha feature highlights video after the break!

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One Shots: The power of pink hair

Wherever there is trouble, Manastu Utakata will be there to fight it with her lightning-fast screenshot button and trademark pink hair. Villains, start running right now! The pink is coming for you and it will never, ever give up until you are six feet under the ground (in your hidey hole, shaking in your boots because you never saw it coming).

Pink: It's what's for winners.

As we rebuild our One Shots catalogue from the ruins of Livefyre, let us be blinded by the neon colors of WildStar and dye all of our hair pink in honor of a certain famous pig-tailed commenter.

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Shards Online plans wipe, drops NDA ahead of impending Steam launch

Shards Online's latest newsletter is homing in on the game's Steam launch. The game hit always-on alpha back in January, but now it's eyeing plans for backer head-start on Steam -- everyone who's pledged ahead of the close of crowdfunding will be guaranteed a week-long early access period before the launch. The servers will be wiped, note, but backers will get a refund of their loyalty points to spend again and keep their loyalty titles to boot.

Citadel Studios also says that it's waiving the NDA for the game's normal client (not for the experimental client, though). The main alpha client's most recent hotfix included stability and lag fixes, plus improvements to the pet system, AI, and PvP balance, as well as a new sunken treasure system for fishermen.

Source: Newsletter


WildStar takes you on a tour of its two new instances

Struggling though it may be, WildStar is still dreaming big -- and designing big as well. The team is working hard to test and put the final touches on its upcoming Power of the Primal Matrix update, which the devs say is a "huge" drop for the game.

Part of that update is the addition of a new scalable five-player dungeon (Coldblood Citadel) and a new prime expedition (Evil from the Ether). If you don't mind spoilers much and crave dev commentary, you can take a tour of these instances with two of the team leads responsible for their creation thanks to a recent livestream.

Head out on the hour-long tour after the break (and don't forget to pack a lunch!).

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One Shots: Healin' skellies in Shards Online

When the NDA is away, the cats will play -- and take screenshots! Bless our dear community for documenting upcoming MMOs as they venture into these virgin territories.

ZulikaMiNam had some fun in one game that I haven't seen much from readers yet: "Since there are no NDA restrictions imposed for this alpha weekend kickoff over at Shards Online I will post some pics from there. I accidentally healed a skeleton while trying to heal myself. So my name turns grey and anyone can kill me now. Time to lay low for a bit."

Are you still laying low? You can... probably come out now. That skeleton owes you a life debt for that heroic action.

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The Stream Team: Stepping back into a Shards alpha with Brinkmann

It's that time again! It's time to dive back into another Shards Online alpha. Massively OP's MJ looks forward to these events so can continue to explore this upcoming sandbox. There's plenty of new goodies to talk about, and Derek "Supreem" Brinkmann will be on hand to do just that. He can also answer any questions about the game and its latest round of development. But don't distract him too much -- he promised to not to get MJ killed too many times. Join us live at 2:00 p.m. to see just how many is too many.

What: Shards Online
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 2:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, January 14th, 2017

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Shards Online's always-on alpha is now live

Citadel Studios' MMORPG Shards Online has formally launched its alpha today. "Alpha for a game like this means we’ve pretty much got all the major systems working cohesively, and that we’ve got a lot of the game’s launch content nailed down," CEO Derek Brinkmann says. "We’ve hit all the major milestones from our Kickstarter, and we’re finally ready to keep the servers up 24/7. By no means is our work done, but we’re at a point now where we really think we've delivered on promise that was made during our Kickstarter campaign."

If you've ever played the game on a trial key in the past, your trial has been renewed for the weekend. If you aren't one of those lucky souls, then you can either back the game ($40) to get in or enter to win a trial key from us right here, as Citadel has granted Massively OP 100 keys for this weekend's alpha test, which we'll be raffling off in time for you to hop in tomorrow. Read on to enter to win (and to check out the brand-new trailer)!

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Revelation Online details closed beta 3's PvE content

Debuting in the third round of Revelation Online's western beta that kicks off next week is a big chunk of new PvE content. has detailed what to expect in a new dev diary on the official site.

First, we know there are three dungeons coming with multiple difficulties and level requirements: Grand Bulwark, Mech Citadel, and Tower of Pain, the last of which is a race to the top of a seven-floor edifice for "glory and fancy cosmetics." Oh, MMOs.

Second, you can expect updates to existing dungeons: Misty Hollow gets a level 60 raid version, Trial of Four Kings gets another solo version for level 65, and Scour Dungeon will be smacked with another two floors of trials.

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Flameseeker Chronicles: Ten things I'd forgotten from Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 1

I spent quite a while poring over a recent gem of a video that served as a fantastically nostalgic trip down memory lane through its condensed retelling of the Living World season 1 story. The cleverly constructed movie was made possible by the historic work of several Guild Wars 2 enthusiasts, with several contributions being knitted together in a coherent order by Youtuber Dreamy Abaddon in an almost 3-hour delight. Although much of the content has not been voiced over or personally recorded by Abaddon, the amount of effort that has gone into creating the piece has to be commended. It's fantastic to remember the roots of the Living World system in this way since we can no longer revisit what many would consider it the best season to date.

In this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles, I'm going to take you through a lighthearted list of particular moments or sentiments I'd forgotten about in the haze of all that story content, which I hope will inspire you to check out the full movie for yourself, especially if you missed out on Season 1. My list is a little spoilerific for those who aren't up to date with Scarlet's story, but since it's such old content I doubt any of you will shout over that. In any case, I hope you enjoy my list of forgotten favourites from Season 1 and will collate your own best moments in the comments below.

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Ask Mo: Scoring last year's Massively OP MMORPG predictions

As we do every year, today we're going to squint back a year, into the depths of a Massively Overthinking from the tail end of 2015 when we issued our predictions for 2016. Sure, sure, it's a little unfair since we usually egg each other on to make wild and bold assertions for the fun of it -- plus that makes the hits all the sweeter -- but all the same: Did we nail it or fail it?

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Shards Online updates players on permadeath and targeting

It's been a while since we've checked in on Shards Online, so let's talk about death. No, not the game itself, but death within the game. One of the big features of the most recent community roundtable video is covering the game's new death system and the game's permadeath rule system. Yes, if you want to, you can risk losing everything about your character every time your character expires. (Which will, admittedly, just be once.)

The roundtable also talks about improvements to targeting and the game's UI, both of which are important whether or not you're in a permadeath state. Set some time aside to watch the whole thing, though, as it racks up at just over an hour of playtime. If you've been wondering what's new with the game, you should jump down and watch.

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EVE Online demos Ascension features, rolls out EVE Portal mobile app

A week from today, one of the last bastions of the MMORPG subscription model goes free-to-play. I'm talking about EVE Online, of course, and its long-awaited Ascension expansion, which will not only allow free players into the game via the clone state system but overhaul the tutorial and expand the citadel system with engineering complexes.

CCP has released a features video this week to catch everyone up on just what's coming in the update. Capsuleers, the EVE Portal mobile app is also ready for download on both Android and iOS.

"EVE Portal is now available for download in beta, allowing pilots to view basic character information, track skill training, send and receive EVEmail, utilize the in game calendar and purchase PLEX and Aurum, all with push notifications to keep busy capsuleers up to date with what's going on in New Eden when not connected via the EVE Client."

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Blade & Soul introduces Ebondrake Citadel and the Tower of Memory

It's the most wonderful day of the week for fans of Blade & Soul because it's patch day. Not only does this patch include the new Ebondrake Citadel, it also includes the special event dungeon, the Tower of Memory. Players above level 16 can ascend the tower in a unique combat challenge, running until October 26th.

Need a little more incentive to take part in the update? How about accessory upgrade cost reduction and gem transmutation changes to make alts and other characters that much easier to play? How about a spectator mode for PvP matches so you can see exactly what's going down when you aren't taking part? How about your own mobile death fortress? All right, you won't get the last one, but the other parts are in there, and you can read through the full patch notes right now before jumping in later. Or now, depending on your schedule.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Qarran for the tip!


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