TERA Console cycles dungeons, launches a new battle pass, and improves its pet system


The de facto maintenance mode-like updates for TERA Console continue on, with the latest patch performing another dungeon access cycle, launching a new battle pass, and tweaking its pet system overall – or as the notes put it, “pet system will be improve completely.”

Dungeons opening up this patch include the hard version of Catalepticon and normal and hard versions of Dark Reach Citadel, while the two versions of Ruinous Manor will be closing off. The opening of Catalepticon further comes with a new leaderboard and a new feat for those who kill Lumikan 77 times. As for the battle pass, that stays available between now and December 13th.

The larger piece of the patch is the aforementioned pet system update, which gives all pets passive skills depending on grade, allows all pets to be trained up to legendary grade (though probabilities for this occurring are extremely low), and adds a new special ability to legendary pets. Pets will also consume no energy, and existing pet skills will be removed and new ones sent to players via in-game mail.

The patch also tweaks several items, balances some class abilities, and fixes a bug, but mostly this update is about dungeons, battle pass, and pets.

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