Embers Adrift adds crafting dyes and patterns while readying its alchemy system


As Embers Adrift works on a new alchemy system for the near future, its September patch arrived with a whole lot of bug fixes and small quality-of-life improvements. These latter include sub-zone identification tech, a better /who command function, and teleport buttons on maps for the ember rings.

Another nice addition is crafting patterns and dyes: “These are optional components for cloth shirts, pants, and gloves to change the color and style of these items. Note that with the inclusion of patterns the base visuals of the shirt recipe has been standardized. All previously crafted items will retain their current colors and visuals.”

The team at Stormhaven Studios also reported steps forward on the Linux client, which is now usable if so desired: “Recent Unity engine updates seem to have resolved a few outstanding bugs with the Linux client. I can now successfully build and launch the native Linux client.”

Source: Embers Adrift, 2
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