Valheim highlights a couple of creatures that will inhabit its Ashlands biome


Valheim’s development of the Ashlands biome once again is the primary feature from Iron Gate’s latest dev blog, this time with a focus on a couple of the critters that players will encounter in the biome. Though perhaps critter is the wrong term; maybe it’s best to call them spiky spicy skeleton things.

The preview is generally small, with a focus on an update to the Bonemaw Serpent that will be patrolling the waters near the Ashlands and a subcategory of Charred based on the Black Forest Greydwarfs that can be found on an Ashlands island. The post also features an in-Blender render of some ruins that will be scattered within the Ashlands, and a Twitter post shares some concept art of a new light armor set.

The post once again doesn’t provide a release window for this new content update; the immediate future of the survivalbox in terms of content is a bug-fixing patch for the Hildir’s Request update, which has gone through a pair of patches on the PTR.

sources: official site, Twitter, Steam (1, 2)
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