Post-apoc survival shooter The Front confirms early access launch date of October 11


Over the course of this year we’ve been following the development track of The Front, a post-apocalyptic “survival open-world crafting” shooter that was introduced in February and held closed testing earlier this month. Developer Samar Studio has now confirmed its next major iterative step by way of a trailer, which announces early access on Wednesday, October 11th.

The early access build of the shooter will offer up 60 levels’ worth of progression, along with all of the survival crafting features that have been talked up before like building a hideout, rebuilding vehicles, utilizing a “logical circuits” system to create things like automated defenses, and fighting against invading foes in tower defense-style gameplay.

The early access title will be available on Steam and EGS for $20, though it will be on a 20% discount during its first week. Additional details about this upcoming shooter can be read on its official site, while the aforementioned new trailer can be viewed below in order to grant a taste of what to expect.

source: press release
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