Survival shooter The Front begins a five day-long closed beta test

Slip in to a warm SOC for a few days


Back in February we were aimed in the direction of The Front, a self-described SOC – that’s “survival open-world crafting” game – set in a post-apocalyptic open world where players must deal with mutants, hostile factions, and a tyrannical empire, all while managing 10 different “survival indices” such as hunger, thirst, infection, and hypothermia, just to name a few.

If spinning all of those plates sounds like your idea of a good gaming time, then you’re in luck because developer Samar Studio is holding a closed beta over the next five days between now, September 3rd, and Friday, September 8th, for those who fill out an application. The test is offered to players in North America, Europe, and Asia regions.

This closed test reads like it will grant a lot of The Front’s overall gameplay beats, with the ability to build bases and create automated defenses through a “logical circuits” system, craft vehicles, find a wide assortment of weapons from recurve bows to full-on anti-armor missile systems, and explore a large map with a wide variety of biomes. A lot of what’s up for testing can be seen in the latest trailer below the cut.

sources: press release, official site
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