Wurm Online’s owner Game Chest Group sees negative profits but says it’s ‘on the right track’ in Q2 financial report

Into the exceedingly well known.

Yesterday we reported on Wurm Online’s end to a two month-long bout of radio silence, which saw corporate owner Game Chest Group detail efforts to bring in new players and improve comms. Part of that communication between the company and fans came in the form of a player Q&A that, among other things, answered a question about Wurm’s financial health with a link to the publisher’s website. It’s from that springboard that we find Game Chest’s investor relations site, which houses its second quarter financial report.

Total revenue for Game Chest for Q2 was 1.6M SEK – nearly $175K US – which is still higher than the 1.5M SEK from the same time last year but ultimately resulted in a profit loss of 300K SEK, or just over $27K US after spending. Despite this, Game Chest CEO Krister Elmgren states in the report that despite profit being “weighed down by depreciation and goodwill,” the company’s “work to optimize the company’s business and reduce our costs has not yet reached its culmination, although, judging by the numbers, [it is] on the right track.”

Elmgren points out this is the first full quarter since Game Chest took over, reiterates a focus on increasing the number of new players through more marketing and new branding, and claims to have “learned many lessons about the product and the cultures of both our employees and the community as a whole.” He also states vague plans for the the MMORPG’s future that include optimizing graphics, game design, and quality-of-life. “[W]e are looking forward to this year’s opportunities, and emphasize that our journey has only just begun,” closes the report. “Up to proof, now we’re driving!”

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