Wurm Online tries to ramp up marketing efforts, hires CM to improve communication


Things in the realm of Wurm Online have not exactly been steady and easygoing. Readers may remember that new corporate ownership by Game Chest Group of the sandbox MMORPG was met with internal strife between devs and the company, which saw multiple devs leave as a result of an “overwhelmingly negative workplace culture.” Meanwhile, comms from the game were mostly quiet save for the June update that launched the new Silver Shop and a call for volunteer staff in July.

Roughly two months later, the game’s Valrei International newsletter has resurfaced with several previews and promises, nodding first to the game’s recent update to rifts, then discussing several marketing initiatives to “bring more people into the game and to make them stay.” This includes work on a new content creator affiliate program, the launch of a new (but still unfinished) website, and more videos on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

The newsletter then introduces Wurm’s new community manager, who leads off by acknowledging the damage that recent radio silence and incomplete comms has caused, then promising more communication overall. As part of this attempt to keep lines of discussion open, the CM answered several player questions related to financial health, roadmap features, and content updates. Incidentally, those answers refer players to Game Chest Group’s website, confirms that work on things like goblin camps are on the back-burner as part of a focus on new player retention, and notes that smaller content updates will still continue on.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), official forums
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