Vindictus opens up its new Hall of Fallen Knights raid in latest update


Endgame players of Vindictus hopefully have something to be pleased about as last week saw the introduction of a new raid to take on in the action MMO: the Hall of Fallen Knights within the Space Time Distortion, featuring a new boss encounter and some new goodies to earn (naturally).

Vindictus confronts players with another epic raid update: ‘Space Time Distortion: Hall of Fallen Knights.’ In ‘Space Time Distortion: Hall of Fallen Knights’ players at level 115 can join forces with up to eight other warriors to tackle and defeat the boss monster and Fallen One, Eisen Ritter.”

Players who successfully clear the new encounter will be rewarded with a box that provides a chance at various enchant scrolls, new rhod compasses, and shards, as well as a raid-specific currency that can be used to individually purchase box goodies. A new brooch has also been added to the Usurper’s Fortress tier, and players can now break down certain compasses to get new magic power. The new patch also made some general changes as well, but this one’s mostly about that raid.

sources: press release, official site
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