Grinding Gear releases ExileCon dev video on Path of Exile 2’s enemy creation


Path of Exile had plenty to say at this year’s ExileCon – readers know that we fully covered the event – but for those who missed out on some of the smaller panels and dev talks, those appear to be coming forward from Grinding Gear Games as the studio has released some panel footage to fans.

This video brings on game director Mark Roberts, who talks about the process of making bosses and monsters for POE 2, sprinkled in with plenty of previews and footage featuring the sequel’s general gameplay feel in relation to combat and boss mechanics. GGG promises more panel footage from the event in the next few weeks, but fans can get nearly an hour’s worth of viewing in the embed below. And for those who prefer reading about combat updates for POE 2, be sure to check out MJ’s write-up from ExileCon about the subject.

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