Black Desert Mobile hypes Land of the Morning Light launch with previews of bosses, zones, and its next class


Black Desert Mobile players likely already know that the Land of the Morning Light is coming to the MMO tomorrow, September 26th, but that hasn’t stopped Pearl Abyss from rolling out all kinds of previews in the run-up to the content’s launch.

This past Friday saw a rundown of the update’s various zones, pairing in-game location previews with several real-life locations in Korea that inspired the locales in question. There was also a preview of a Taebaek outfit that will be on offer with the update. BDO Mobile’s YouTube channel has been similarly alive as well, offering a look at boss fights in the Black Shrine and a more granular preview of the Choryeong class and its abilities.

The mobile MMO is scheduled to enter maintenance early tomorrow morning to release Land of the Morning Light, so fans may want to simply enjoy all of the eye candy coming their way in the meantime.

source: official site (1, 2), YouTube (1, 2), Twitter
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