Jukebox Heroes: Six goofy RuneScape tunes

Over the past year I’ve nearly been bested by the unclimbable mountain that is the RuneScape soundtrack. With well over 1,200 tracks currently existing in the game, it’s sheer folly to try to listen to it all straight through. That, of course, is exactly what I’ve been attempting, yet with new tracks coming out all of the time, I feel that there’s no end in sight.

If I’m to be forever working my way through an MMO soundtrack, RuneScape is a great place to be. As I’ve been discovering, there is such a sheer variety of interesting and catchy tunes on display covering a wide swath of biomes, races, events, and situations. What I perhaps like best is how RuneScape’s score isn’t in the slightest self-conscious with being silly and bizarre. In fact, it seems to revel in it!

So today let’s take an odd musical interlude to listen to six goofy and weird RuneScape tracks before we all get serious again about our video games.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind soundtrack is now available digitally

Did you enjoy the music of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind? Then there’s good news, because you can now fill your ears with it wherever you go. The soundtrack is available via Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Music, so no matter what your preferred platform may be, you can make it the day-to-day soundtrack of your life. Be warned that you may get some funny looks if you spend an entire business meeting playing it, assuming you’re someone who has high-powered business meetings.

The official site also has an interview with composer Brad Derrick, who talks about the challenges involved in making sure the soundtrack was new and distinct while still reminding players of the history behind the game’s title and lore. Derrick marks the title theme as the hardest part to compose (since it’s the iconic song for the whole expansion), while also seeing the transition of one theme into another depending on player activities to be vital to making a good soundtrack. Check out the full interview if you’re curious about how the tracks got made.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is everything you expect (and that’s outstanding)

In my mind, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is all about sticking the landing. After a few years of FFXIV being out, the game has consistently earned high praise from people who play it. Heavensward was recognized as a definite high point for the game, improving more or less everything in the game and adding more besides. So the question was whether or not Stormblood would continue down the same road or try to dramatically upend things, break down what once worked well and lose sight of what people enjoy.

The good news, then, is that it sticks the landing.

Everything that worked well in Heavensward has been brought forward and refined, and the parts that hadn’t worked so well have been trimmed away, repurposed, or outright removed. It feels very much like an expansion to the same core game, but in the process it manages to address almost every complaint I had over Heavensward almost incidentally. And it continues on in the high standards the game has set for itself over the years, resulting in an expansion which I’m already in love with after finishing the main storyline.

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Battle Bards Episode 100: Centennial spectacular!

After four years and over 700 MMORPG music tracks, the Battle Bards have arrived at their 100th show! For this centennial spectacular, Syl, Steff, and Syp reminisce about the most notable shows, their best soundtrack discoveries, and their favorite tracks. This super-sized show gets wrapped up with a bout of listener emails and a promise of another amazing hundred episodes!

Battle Bards is a bi-weekly podcast that alternates between examining a single MMO’s soundtrack and exploring music tracks revolving around a theme. MOP’s Justin co-hosts with bloggers Steff and Syl. The cast is available on iTunes, Google Play, TuneInPocket CastsStitcher, and Player.FM.

Listen to Episode 100: Centennial spectacular (or download it) now:

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Hear Project Gorgon’s Bard healing like a rock star

We are still waiting for the full reveal of Project Gorgon’s promised Bard skill, but in the meantime we can enjoy a sneak peek at what the class has to offer. Or should we say, a sneak listen? That doesn’t rhyme. Oh well.

Project Gorgon Composer Conor Brace posted a new piece of music that demonstrates the Bard healing with tunes while playing alongside the combat theme. Check it out:

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Path of Exile starts selling Fall of Oriath supporter packs

Money talks — and it paves the way to betas, as we’ve seen many times in this genre. So if you’re a little nervous about not getting into the Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath summer beta test, well, the team at Grinding Gear Games is gracious enough to allow you to pay them a few bucks and they’ll leave the back door open for you.

Supporter packs for the upcoming expansion are now for sale, all of which offer “immediate beta access” in case you’re not into delayed gratification. The packs start at $30 and range up to a staggering $480. Kids? Bad news: You’re not going to eat this summer. Dad’s got to get his video game shinies.

In addition to Fall of Oriath beta keys, the packs contain premium currency, titles, the soundtrack, an array of armor sets, weapon effects, cloaks, social frames, a t-shirt, and an art book.


E3 2017: ARK Survival Evolved launches August 8

The time is fast approaching when we can stop cocking eyebrows at ARK: Survival Evolved for launching expansions while still in early access as the game will indeed be launching this summer as promised, and now we have a date: August 8th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Xbox One X version will apparently be a launch product for the newly announced platform, landing on November 7th.

Studio Wildcard will offer its usual array of digital versions, plus a $60 box, a $100 edition bundled with a season pass and three expansions (Scorched Earth and two more unannounced expansions, the first of which arrives later this year), and finally the $160 collector box for those who just have to have the cloth map and soundtrack.

Wildcard is also hyping Ragnarok, one of the fan mods developed thanks to ARK’s burgeoning sponsored mods program. Trailers for all the new bits are down below!

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The Daily Grind: Has a soundtrack ever inspired you to try out an MMORPG?

Massively OP reader Andrea has a fun question for us today. “I’ve been perusing through different MMO soundtracks these past days and some of them are so beautiful and atmospheric that they make me want to actually try the game although I had no intention otherwise,” she writes. “Has an MMO soundtrack ever inspired you to try out the game itself?”

You folks know we love our MMO soundtracks here on Massively OP — we keep Jukebox Heroes and Battle Bards’ Justin Olivetti trapped in a tower with nothing but a keyboard and an iPod, after all — so I’m guessing a lot of you have heard more scores than played games, and this question has a high chance of scoring hits. I’ve found some gorgeous music thanks to Justin for games I’ve never played, for example — I’ve been completely obsessed with The Repopulation’s released music tracks. (I’m a sucker for marimbas.)

Has a soundtrack ever inspired you to try out an MMORPG?

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Elder Scrolls Online wraps up its Morrowind video guide series and teases new soundtrack

Now that Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind has launched, chances are that anyone interested in this expansion is in there playing instead of moping about on the web. But that didn’t stop the team from putting out the last of its “Naryu” video guides out, this one focused on the PvP battlegrounds. See it below!

The team posted all of the Naryu guides on one convenient page, covering many of the key locales and features from Morrowind. Make sure that you don’t miss our Morrowind launch coverage and roundup from earlier this week.

For those awaiting the next album in the Elder Scrolls series, ZeniMax said that the Morrowind soundtrack should arrive in digital stores very shortly. You can listen to the first track, featuring Composer Jeremy Soule, also after the break!

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Destiny 2 unleashes a triple dose of gameplay featurettes, fan pieces together prequel album

Now that summer is here and online gaming is heating up, doesn’t it seem as though all of these studios are doing everything in their power to keep your attention focused on their products and not the other shiny distractions coming out all over the place?

Bungie wants your full attention for Destiny 2, so look at the sequel square in the eye and deny that you have interest in anything else. To keep your thoughts from straying from the fold, the studio has released three featurettes that show how different aspects of the gameplay works for this upcoming title.

There’s also a fascinating story involving one Destiny fan who, as a teenager, decided that he would piece together Marty O’Donnell’s abandoned Music of the Spheres soundtrack, which was a prequel of sorts to the Destiny score. After 430 days of work, the teen hunted down and cobbled together over 80% of the album, which you can listen to after the break.

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LOTRO releases 10th anniversary soundtrack

A week after announcing Composer Chance Thomas’ return to score the upcoming Mordor expansion, Lord of the Rings Online revealed another musical treat. The game, in collaboration with Thomas, has released a 10th Anniversary album for fans. The 26-track, two-disc album is being made available through Huge Sound Records and retails for $15 (although individual tracks can be purchased as well).

“This music transformed my career and gave me a platform so that I could take all of these places that we love in Middle-earth and bring them to life musically,” Thomas said. “I hope this collection of music will carry you away on the wings of your imagination. So here’s to all of the great memories… and the memories yet to come.”

You can hear the announcement and listen to an interview with Chance Thomas after the break!

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Battle Bards Episode 99: Tropical resort

The Battle Bards are on vacation at a tropical beach paradise! In the team’s 99th episode, they examine beach, resort, and island music cues from MMORPGs. Can it still be a resort when everything around you is out for murder? As long as the music is this good, who cares?

Battle Bards is a bi-weekly podcast that alternates between examining a single MMO’s soundtrack and exploring music tracks revolving around a theme. MOP’s Justin co-hosts with bloggers Steff and Syl. The cast is available on iTunes, Google Play, TuneInPocket CastsStitcher, and Player.FM.

Listen to Episode 99: Tropical resort (or download it) now:

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Heroes of the Storm releases its score for your listening pleasure

Heroes of the Storm might not be making its soundtrack available for purchase (yet), but Blizzard has released the score on YouTube and via streaming services so that you can get your MOBA music fix.

“Starting today, we’re taking the songs of Heroes of the Storm out of the Nexus and into your hands,” the studio posted. “Now you can use these epic backing tracks to help you battle those weights at the gym, tackle stacks of homework, or liven your evening commute; they’re yours to enjoy as you please!”

Give it a listen after the jump!

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