EverQuest II releases dank normal-fi game soundtracks for you to relax and study to on music services

May I be granted your items?

It’s a known fact that the music in several MMORPGs is a certified bop, and we even have a whole column that exists solely so everyone knows that. EverQuest II has itself some music, and this year the game is going to let you rock out on your music service of choice. The first volume of the game’s official soundtrack is now available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, and iTunes if you want to rock out with your familiar in-game favorites.

This first volume contains both Ballads of Zimara and Renewal of Ro, which together run about 42 minutes (they’re divided into individual tracks, don’t worry). More is planned for later in the year, so if you’re a Certified Music Listener, rest assured that this is just the beginning. For now, just fire up your music service of choice and get down to quest-worthy beats while you clean your home, study, or even just play EQII. Or other video games, if you’re into irony.

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