Learn how to be a thief in The Elder Scrolls Online

Oh dear.

The first phase of the Justice system is already on Elder Scrolls Online’s test servers, but you don’t have to wait until it deploys on live to learn how to be an effective thief.

Deltias Gaming has a great video guide of Update 6’s Legerdemain skill line. Through this line, players can sneak, steal, and evade the authorities if they’re wily enough. To start your career as a future thief, you’ll need to pickpocket an NPC to access this part of the game. Other than enjoying the thrill of getting away with stealing under guards’ noses, players can benefit from Legerdemain by selling stolen goods for profit. Check out the video below!

The Justice system isn’t the only highlight of Update 6, of course. The official site posted a look yesterday at another game improvement, which is a visual upgrade to Orc and Redguard armor.

[Source: Deltias Gaming, Official Site]
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