Online shooter Dizzel is shutting down in April

We hardly knew ye. Seriously. Never heard of you before now. No lying.

Fans of Dizzel are going to be sad to hear that the game is shutting down in April, but it might be reassuring to know that it wasn’t for lack of fans or profits. No, according to the official announcement, the explanation is far simpler: the Korean studio that developed the game shut down, and the publisher couldn’t support the game without the developer, which sort of neatly kneecaps the question of whether or not anyone was playing.

All in-game cash shop purchases are disabled, and players will be eligible for a refund for any items bought in the game on or after December 10th, 2014. Our condolences to the fans affected by this closure.

[Source: Official Site. Thanks to Exthalion for the tip!]
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