Worlds Adrift will let you be a nomad of the skies


Imagine that you’re a nomad of the skies, constructing and sailing your airship to nearby floating islands in search of rare crafting materials. Imagine that everything around you reacts to physics, allowing you to traverse and manipulate the game world in believable ways. Throw in a dash of cel-shaded charm, and you’ll have the upcoming Worlds Adrift.

Worlds Adrift has been in development for a few months with the goal of making a shared multiplayer environment that “lives and breathes.” While there won’t be quests or NPCs, there will be grappling hooks, crossbows, and engrossing atmosphere. The team is opening up the project to take in suggestions so that players can help steer the course of Worlds Adrift’s development.

We’ve got a few video sneak peeks for the game after the jump!

[Source Worlds Adrift via PC Gamer. Thanks to Branden and Vince for the tip!]
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