Champions Online leaves Cryptic North for Cryptic Studios


Big (but not bad) news for Champions Online: The superhero title is relocating along with its team back to its original development studio.

Senior Game Designer Randy Mosiondz said that the team is leaving Seattle’s Cryptic North and joining the rest of Cryptic Studios in Los Gatos, California with Mosiondz as the title’s lead. Champions Online left Cryptic Studios for Cryptic North in 2013, when the latter was fashioned from the former team and efforts of Pirates of the Burning Sea’s Flying Lab Software.

Mosiondz assauged fears on the forums by taking questions about the move from fans and said that the team is hard at work at Champions’ future: “We’ve already started work on some new costumes including the Variable Robot set and Steel Arachnid set from the earlier fan-submitted costume contest, and [are] planning new content updates.”

[Source: Announcement, forum thread. Thanks to Psi, Mjcbarnes, and ItsBrou for the tip!]
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