Dev polls community about bringing back original Darkfall Online


Are you unsatisfied with the way that Darkfall Online has progressed after transforming into Unholy Wars? There may be a window of opportunity to undo all of that and bring the game or at least a copy of the game back to what it used to be — if that’s a concern of yours, of course.

Aventurine’s Axilmar put out a poll to the community on Reddit asking whether players want the game to revert back to its former state: “This an informal poll of mine, not a company one, since the last few days I’ve read many posts that say ‘bring back DFO.’ So, I’d like to see if there is actually any real interest in bringing back DFO. If there is, i.e. if there are many upvotes, let’s say over 5,000, so as that one can support this as a business proposal, I will ask my managers to check this out.”

What will happen if those upvotes are achieved? As he tells Reddit,

All in due time! if there is a ton of upvotes, I’ll go to my managers and present this as a business case. Then, if it is accepted, I’ll suggest opening a kickstarter. If the kickstarter goes well, the money will go start developing dfo, fixing its bad elements (for example, the macroing) and then releasing it on one of our servers (or buy a new server if the funding goes well).

[Source: Reddit. Thanks to Fnights for the tip!]
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