EverQuest emulator group gets a ‘written agreement’ with Daybreak

Don't worry, something will happen any day now.

Who says MMO emulators are illegal? Not Daybreak, apparently, as the firm has entered into a “written agreement” with the creators of an EverQuest emu known as Project 1999. Co-manager Sean Norton posted on the emulator’s forums today outlining a document that “formally recognizes Project 1999 as a fan-based not-for-profit classic EverQuest emulation project.”

Norton says that the agreement establishes certain guidelines that the staff must follow, which will allow them to update the emulator “without risk of legal repercussions.” Norton also says that the 1999 release schedule will change so as not to conflict with Daybreak’s upcoming EQ progression server.

Daybreak posted its own notice on the official EQ website earlier today.

[Source: Project 1999 forums; thanks Ryan!]
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